Netflix Release Eden Unearthed First VR Game on Netflix Gaming

Netflix Release Eden Unearthed First VR Game on Netflix Gaming

Dear fans of Virtual Reality headsets here is a brand new title that should please you. Eden Unearthed is a VR game set up by the Netflix streaming platform. The big plus of the game? The latter is free and is entirely developed and published by the American firm.


Netflix Releases VR Game As Part Of Netflix Gaming

Here is a surprise for fans of VR games. Netflix has decided to launch a VR game for Oculus Quest, and this is available for free. Even better, Netflix is ​​the publisher AND developer of this game. A good start to the ongoing Netflix Gaming operation.

This brand new game called Eden Unearthed is now available, not on the streaming platform, but on the Oculus Store. This title further concretizes the current collaboration between the American giant and Shonda Rhimes.

The good news is that heralds the arrival of several other VR games from Netflix. To further support this hypothesis, Mike Verdu has just joined the firm Netflix. Recall that he was working on Facebook’s VR / AR project. Could the platform be finding a passion for video games and Virtual Reality?


What is Netflix’s Eden Unearthed?

This title is listed as launched on April 21, 2021. If some think it’s a mistake, we think it is mainly a marketing initiative. Netflix hasn’t given too much information about its own VR game either. This game is completely free and carries over to the Eden series, the animated series produced by Netflix itself.

The story of this game (and the series) takes place in the future, in a future where humanity no longer exists. There is not a single human left (at least in the game and for the moment), that is to say, the character that we play. In this opus, you will take control of a motorcycle and will have to navigate a world where there are only robots. A changing landscape full of obstacles to avoid, the game adapts perfectly to VR.