OKAI Launches its Step Through Bike

OKAI Launches its Step Through Bike

OKAI STRIDE introduces the first Step Through Bike intended to revolutionize the ways of transportation. The product has a range of 40 miles, a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour, a battery capacity of 460.8 Wh, and a maximum power output of 750 W. Moreover, unlike the majority of other electric bikes on the market, this step-through electric bike can be easily controlled via cell phone.

OKAI has a long history of providing hardware and software micro-mobility solutions of the highest caliber. The company has established itself as one of the major providers of electric bike and scooter sharing services throughout the years.

Its remarkable capabilities in design, R&D, production, quality control, and testing, together with its multinational workforce of over one thousand employees, have enabled it to establish a strong market presence in Europe and North America. OKAI entered the consumer e-scooter sector in 2021 and is now poised to storm the consumer e-bike market with the introduction of OKAI STRIDE.


Step-Through Bike Features

  • By syncing their bikes with the app, users can alter a variety of settings, including locking the bike, adjusting the riding mode/braking regeneration, its location, turning the lights on and off, recording current and prior travels, and conducting diagnostics.
  • Moreover, if the bike is ever stolen, it cannot be controlled by other phones because the software connects it to the owners’ phones.
  • Outstanding construction quality with components of the highest caliber, including LG battery cells, Shimano gear drive, Bafang motor, Tretko brake system, and more
  • Intelligent color displays with NFC touch lock/unlock functionality
  • The integrated battery makes the entire car appear neat and clean, and battery replacement is very simple and convenient. The step-through design makes the bicycle easy for all sorts of riders to use and operate.



Riding a Step-Through Bike instead of a gasoline or diesel car minimizes an individual’s contribution to air pollution and greenhouse gases, so contributing to the improvement of the global environment. This is why electric bikes have rapidly gained popularity among ecologically conscious commuters.