OPPO Introduce Next Generation of Under-Screen Camera Technology

Next Generation Under Screen Camera: This is how OPPO’s technology works to improve the display of your mobiles

Mobile photography technology does not stop evolving so catching a mobile with a good camera is easier every time. But things are moving forward and incorporating more innovation in addition to megapixels: the location of the cameras. OPPO has introduced the next generation of under-screen camera technology for smartphones thanks to the combination of hardware innovations with new algorithms based on artificial intelligence patented by the brand itself.



The solution presented by OPPO discreetly places the front camera under the smartphone screen, enabling full-screen mode both when the phone is in use and when it is on standby, thus offering a perfect balance between camera image quality and the viewing experience. fullscreen.


Under-screen cameras: What They Contribute

This new under-screen camera solution addresses the many technical and manufacturing challenges that in-screen cameras have had since their inception. Advances respond both to problems of inconsistency and poor viewing quality in the area of ​​the screen where the camera is located, as well as to the reliability and useful life of the product. Thanks to these advancements, OPPO has been able to present an improved solution that takes the full-screen experience to the next level.


Next-Gen Under-Screen Camera AI

There are several innovations both in the design of the structure and in artificial intelligence algorithms:

Innovative Pixel Geometry: The new solution reduces the size of each pixel without decreasing the number of pixels, ensuring a high-quality 400 PPI display even in the area where the camera is located.

Newly designed and transparent wiring: OPPO has replaced traditional display wiring with an innovative transparent wiring material. Combined with a high precision manufacturing process that reduces wiring width by 50%.

Greater control of display precision, color, and brightness – Unlike the current industry standard of using a 1-pixel system to control 2 pixels (“1 to 2”) in the area of ​​the screen above the camera, OPPO has introduced a new technology in which each pixel is only paired with another (“1 to 1”).

This novelty, together with OPPO’s algorithmic compensation technology, allows greater precision in chromaticity and brightness throughout the screen, with a deviation from the reality of less than 2% approximately. For uses such as e-book reading, news reading, or map browsing, OPPO’s new under-screen camera technology enables more accurate viewing of smaller fonts and better representation of details, texture, and colors, offering a more complete visual experience.

Increased reliability and product life: With the introduction of the “1 to 1” pixel circuit and new optimization algorithms, OPPO’s new under-screen camera solution will provide greater display compensation in the screen area in the that the camera is located, improving the useful life of said screen by up to 50%.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Images

In relation to the camera, the OPPO Research Institute in the USA has developed a number of new artificial intelligence algorithms for images, including diffraction reduction, HDR, and AWB, mitigating some of the negative side effects that used to be found. in traditional cameras, such as blurry images or excessive glare in the image.

OPPO has tested and refined its AI diffraction reduction model using tens of thousands of images, solving the problems caused by diffraction at the light source, allowing users to capture clearer and much clearer-looking images. natural.

As consumers have demanded better designs and better screen proportions, OPPO has been working seriously on research and development in these areas, launching three new generations of under-screen camera solutions so far since the development of the screen began. technology in 2018, and applying for more than 200 patents related to these innovations.

OPPO will continue its research and development work, both in hardware design and algorithmic processing possibilities, to further optimize its under-screen camera technology, with the ultimate goal of offering a better and more immersive gaming experience. full-screen display to users all over the world.

This innovation in cameras and screen adds to OPPO’s research on battery and fast charging and makes clear the importance that the brand gives to elements that allow it to bring improvements to the world of mobility.