How to Organize Your Gmail Inbox Efficiently in 2021

Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Gmail Inbox efficiently in 2021

GMAIL tricks there are for all tastes, but if what you want to know is how to organize your inbox in GMAIL more effectively and efficiently in 2021, keep reading: You have found the right article to solve each of your doubts.

If you are interested in organizing your emails on the platform, creating folders, and forming labels in different ways, then we recommend that you keep reading to find out.  We would like to share with you a series of tips and tricks so that you can organize your emails in GMAIL much better and you can easily access all the data you have stored:


Simple Ways to Organize Your Gmail Inbox in 2021


1. Delete inconsequential messages after reading them

If there is one thing that several people agree on, it is that there are messages that are more meaningful than others. The downside is that these can be considered inconsequential and you tend to leave them there for a long time.

This happens because you have the perception that you have unlimited space in your account, but it really is not like that. If you receive a message and its content should only be dealt with at that time, it is better that you delete it along with the entire conversation.

This action can make you avoid the accumulation of unnecessary messages as the days go by since the least you expect is having to find yourself with the surprise that your entire inbox is full.


2. You can create filters to combat spam

Lean on filters to prevent unwanted messages from reaching your email. In this way, you will prevent them from taking up space unnecessarily and remember that these are advanced functionality of this platform.

Also, the filters help you to set the right place for certain emails automatically, as well as to determine labels and more characteristics, which if you learn them well, will allow you to get more out of the GMAIL account.


3. Delete unwanted newsletters

Getting free details can be very attractive, and email marketers know it. Therefore, they usually take your email to send you their news and other information. However, this can become a nuisance due to the heaviness of the graphic content they hold as opposed to normal messages. Our recommendation is that you deactivate the newsletter that you do not consider so essential so that there are fewer messages that reach you daily.


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How to create folders in GMAIL?

A folder is known as a space that is part of a computer system, in which a series of data is organized and stored. Currently, GMAIL has a similar function called “Tags”, which resemble folders.

This mode can mark certain emails and group them according to the theme they have. The main difference is that more labels can be given to the same email with this feature.

On the other hand, with a folder, you must establish different copies of that message and save them in the ones that you have already established for each subject. The operation of these is very simple, you just have to install the label and then mark the email you want.

As an example, if you create a folder with the name “Work”, then you will have to mark the emails that are sent to you from your work environment and that’s it; when you need to locate an email you only have to enter it.

It will probably be easier for you to do this procedure from the comfort of your computer since it is a device that you use daily to check your email, especially when you have to work.

Here are the steps to create folders in Gmail:

  • Enter your email and on the left side of the screen, you can see each of the default labels.
  • Scroll down to the lower area and choose the alternative that says “More”.
  • Then continue scrolling and you will see the mode that says “New label”. Click on it.
  • A pop-up will appear in which you must set the name of that new tag and later, the location where you want it to be assigned.
  • When you finish, you must click on the “Create” option so that it can be added to the list of tags that belong to your GMAIL email.
  • Once the label is formed, go to the emails and mark them with this function so that when you have to search for them it is easier and faster.


So you can create labels in GMAIL?

As we have explained previously, the labels that concern GMAIL is marked that you can put on your email so that you can classify it, according to your criteria.

In addition, it is similar to the famous “post-it” of many colors that you paste in your notes, books, and others. In the list of your messages, you will be able to see the labels in the company of the subject, if you have not hidden them.

If you want to create the labels in another way without having to assign them to a specific email, you should go to the list that is positioned on the left side of the screen and do the following:

  • In the list of labels, you will have to go down to the bottom and click where it says “New label”.
  • Then, take care of writing the name of it. It can be “Family”, “News” or whatever you need.
  • If you want it to become a sub-tag of another that has already been established, you can select the one that will become the largest tag right there.
  • Click on the “Create” button and you’re done.


And it is in this simple way that you will learn how to organize your inbox in GMAIL 2021.