Perfumes with Desert Notes

Perfumes with Desert Notes For Desert Lovers

At the word “desert,” the imagination draws the following pictures: a hot wind dries up the skin devoid of moisture and pores grains of sand in the rhythm of eternity, forcing the dunes to move like sea waves. The sun’s rays ruthlessly water the earth, painted in shades of yellow and brown. The heat causes the air masses to oscillate, so the traveler sees mirages – oases with flowering gardens and beautiful palaces.

For residents of the northern latitudes, the middle zone, and even more so the inhabitants of megacities, the desert is a variant of the exotic, attractive, and mysterious. Many perfume companies have tried, with greater or lesser success, to create an olfactory equivalent of the image described above, to share the feeling of desert scents, or to recreate with perfume the emotions of a traveler crossing a barren plain. The most successful aromas of the direction are described in this article.

5 Perfumes with Desert Notes For Desert Lovers

5) Etro Vetiver by Eau De Parfum

Etro Vetiver by Eau De Parfum

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Italian fashion brand Etro launched the unisex Vetiver in 1989. Classical, dry, reminiscent of piercing bitter wormwood and the smell of a distant fire at the start, it resembles a desert at night, when the soil, chilled and tired by the day’s heat, begins to smell. Instead, it is not a desert but mysterious desert steppes, almost devoid of high vegetation, where kilometers of herbs are dying without moisture.

4) Annick Goutal Sables Eau de Parfum

Annick Goutal Sables Eau de Parfum

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The fragrance for men opens with a dry and bitter immortelle, slightly spiced with a cinnamon-soft sweetness. Heart notes – spicy-pepper dust, gradually softened by notes of tea. Towards the base, the fragrance opens with obstinately persistent sandalwood and hot amber.

A masterpiece perfume, which, according to users, “become the center of the desert,” Annick Goutal came up in 1985, and its name, Sables (“Sands”), only enhances the feeling of perception of the composition.

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3) Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau De Parfum

Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau De Parfum

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The driest desert in North America, the Mojave, is in the southwestern United States. Even though this place is considered the lowest and hottest in the region, many plants that have adapted to harsh conditions grow here.

In 2014, Byredo, a niche brand from Sweden, offered its interpretation of the fragrance of the desert in the unisex perfume Mojave Ghost. The watercolor-transparent composition evokes the feeling of a close oasis – exotic notes of sapodilla, chic magnolia flowers, and a little “animal” from ambrette make you look for signs of a source of moisture surrounded by flowering trees among the sandy landscape.

2) Marocain N.02 L’air du Desert Eau de Toilette

    Marocain N.02 L'air du Desert Eau de Toilette

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    Tauer Perfumes, a niche perfume brand from Switzerland, released a fragrance in 2005 dedicated to the Moroccan desert. In the blue bottle of L’Air du Desert Marocain, the aroma of sand, fine as dust, turns the air orange in a storm and clogs into the folds of clothes, is magically realistic.

    This sensation is diluted with notes and smells that can be felt in the Moroccan market: coriander, cumin, petitgrain, and fragrant flowers. According to reviews, L’Air du Desert Marocain was created not for those who want to impress the outside world but for introverts. We souls havehave space for self-contemplation, almost like in a desert.

    1) Dior Dune Eau de Parfum for Women

       Dior Dune Eau de Parfum for Women

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      The women’s fragrance Dune by the fashion house Dior, released in 1991, is perhaps the most “hyped” version of the perfume dedicated to the desert. Three eminent perfumers worked on the composition, each with dozens of unique fragrances: Nezhla Barbier, Jean-Louis Suzak, and Dominique Ropion.

      A warm, rough perfume in which harmony is ensured by an impeccable dosage of woody notes, sandalwood, amber, aldehydes, benzoin, flowers, and citrus fruits – this is the mood of a walk in the desert, overheated stones and grass dried to fibers, or rather, along the edge between the desert and the sea, which adds the smell of salt and shells to the air. Models Angelika Wahlgren, Ria Düren, and Kristina Semyonovskaya were the face of the fragrance.