PTV Sports Live Telecast, PAK vs IND T20 WC 2021 Live Streaming Match Today

PTV Sports Live Streaming | Pakistan vs India 2021 | T20 World Cup 2021 Live Telecast

PTV Sports Live Streaming has grown in popularity and success as one of the most convenient sources of sports entertainment in Pakistan. PTV Sports acquires the digital rights of all the national and international events, and telecast T20 World Cup 2021 in Pakistan. PTV Sports holds the official broadcast rights of Pakistan Super League (PSL), Kashmir Premier League (KPL), National T20 Cup (NT20), and other domestic leagues.

PTV Sports Live is one of Pakistan’s most popular sports portals that exemplifies the National Sports Channel’s mission of providing accessible sports entertainment. PTV Sports broadcast the live coverage of ICC events such as T20 World Cup 2021 in Pakistan. PTV Sports also holds the official rights from the Asia Cup, Champions Trophy, and international T20 Leagues.

The Pakistani sports channel is a 24-hour sports station on the PTV Network. PTV Sports premiered on January 14, 2012. It began its test broadcast on Asia Sat in December 2011. It is a state-owned channel. Since its inception, PTV Sports has broadcast a sizable number of live sporting events. Additionally, it has the right to participate in a variety of sporting activities such as cricket, tennis, hockey, and soccer.

PTV Sports Live TV Channel is one of the most popular sports networks in Pakistan. The youth of Pakistan is passionate about cricket, hockey, soccer, tennis, and wrestling. It caters to all sports fanatics on a single platform. PTV Sports realized a wonderful desire of watching live sports broadcasts and unique events on Pakistani sports networks.

Since its inception on 14 January 2012, PTV Sports Live has been a prominent participant for Pakistani sports channel fans. As a national sports station, it would definitely carry worldwide and domestic sporting events. PTV Sports Video Stream is an enthralling and thrilling destination that offers a variety of sports entertainment.

But most importantly, all matches will be shown live, with PTV authorities attracting spectators to fascinating PTV sports live matches. Regardless of the sport, whether it was cricket, hockey, football, or wrestling, the station never fooled its devoted followers. The channel has met your expectations by bringing exclusive PTV screens and games from all big sporting events to life.

The Channel, which streams live matches and PTV matches from the World Cup, will benefit from sports analytics, prior great events, and more for its committed following. You can download the PTV sports apps to watch live cricket events.

Asia Cup 2023, Pakistan Super League – PSL 2022, T20 World Cup 2021, Pakistan against India Pakistani television broadcasts live cricket matches. Asia Cup 2021 will be televised live on PTV. Cricket highlights, cricket reviews, Pakistan cricket series, and a live cricket broadcast from PTV Sports Online. PTV Sports Live is Pakistan’s first sports channel to broadcast live sports such as cricket, golf, tennis, basketball, squash, badminton, and kabaddi.

PTV Sports is a website dedicated entirely to the amusement of sports lovers. Pakistan Television Corporation’s subsidiary, Pakistan Television Network, is a well-known Pakistani television network in Pakistan. PTV Sports broadcasts live cricket, tennis, hockey, and soccer matches. PTV Sports Live offers an unmatched selection of local and international sports programs 24 hours a day.

PTV Sports is happy to broadcast live matches, sports analysis shows, and coverage of the Olympic Games, Asian Games, and Pakistan National Games. It retains exclusive broadcast rights for a number of sporting events as well as popular series such as Game On Hai! and Keh Dein Jo Kehna Hai. Circle of Sports.

With the slogan ‘Play on Shi,’ PTV Sports is focused on major sports such as soccer and cricket. Watch live broadcasts of football leagues, champions leagues, the FIFA World Cup, the League of Los Angeles, and other football leagues in Pakistan.

The ICC T20 World Cup 2021, PSL 2022, and ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will Live Telecast on PTV Sports, allowing viewers to experience exciting cricket moments from their house rooms.


T20 World Cup 2021 Live PTV Sports

PTV Sports telecast all the matches of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 Live Stream in Pakistan. Watch Pakistan vs India 2021 T20 World Cup Match live broadcast on PTV Sports. The Seventh Edition of the ICC Men’s Twenty20 World Cup 2021 is all set to begin on October 17 till November 14, 2021. The United Arab Emirates and Oman Host the tournament as previously India were the hosting nation but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it was shifted to UAE and Oman.


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T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule


Match No Date Matches Stage Venue Time (PST)
1 Oct-17 Oman vs Papua New Guinea Round 1 Al Almerat, Muscat 03:00
2 Oct-17 Bangladesh vs Scotland Round 1 Al Almerat, Muscat 07:00
3 Oct-18 Ireland vs the Netherlands Round 1 Abu Dhabi 03:00
4 Oct-18 Sri Lanka vs Namibia Round 1 Abu Dhabi 07:00
5 Oct-19 Scotland vs Papua New Guinea Round 1 Al Almerat, Muscat 03:00
6 Oct-19 Oman vs Bangladesh Round 1 Al Almerat, Muscat 07:00
7 Oct-20 Namibia vs the Netherlands Round 1 Abu Dhabi 03:00
8 Oct-20 Sri Lanka vs Ireland Round 1 Abu Dhabi 07:00
9 Oct-21 Bangladesh vs Papua New Guinea Round 1 Al Almerat, Muscat 03:00
10 Oct-21 Oman vs Scotland Round 1 Al Almerat, Muscat 07:00
11 Oct-22 Namibia vs Ireland Round 1 Abu Dhabi 03:00
12 Oct-22 Sri Lanka vs the Netherlands Round 1 Abu Dhabi 07:00
13 Oct-23 Australia vs South Africa Super12 Abu Dhabi 03:00
14 Oct-23 England vs West Indies Super12 Abu Dhabi 07:00
15 Oct-24 A1 vs B2 Super12 Sharjah 03:00
16 Oct-24 India vs Pakistan Super12 Dubai 07:00
17 Oct-25 Afghanistan vs B1 Super12 Sharjah 07:00
18 Oct-26 South Africa vs West Indies Super12 Dubai 03:00
19 Oct-26 Pakistan vs New Zealand Super12 Sharjah 07:00
20 Oct-27 England vs B2 Super12 Abu Dhabi 03:00
21 Oct-27 B1 vs A2 Super12 Abu Dhabi 07:00
22 Oct-28 Australia vs A1 Super12 Dubai 07:00
23 Oct-29 West Indies vs B2 Super12 Sharjah 03:00
24 Oct-29 Afghanistan vs Pakistan Super12 Dubai 07:00
25 Oct-30 South Africa vs A1 Super 12 Sharjah 03:00
26 Oct-30 England vs Australia Super 12 Dubai 07:00
27 Oct-31 Afghanistan vs A2 Super 12 Abu Dhabi 03:00
28 Oct-31 India vs New Zealand Super 12 Dubai 07:00
29 Nov-01 England vs A1 Super 12 Sharjah 07:00
30 Nov-02 South Africa vs B2 Super 12 Abu Dhabi 03:00
31 Nov-02 Pakistan vs A2 Super 12 Abu Dhabi 07:00
32 Nov-03 New Zealand vs B1 Super 12 Dubai 03:00
33 Nov-03 India vs Afghanistan Super 12 Abu Dhabi 07:00
34 Nov-04 Australia vs B2 Super 12 Dubai 03:00
35 Nov-04 West Indies vs A1 Super 12 Abu Dhabi 07:00
36 Nov-05 New Zealand vs A2 Super 12 Sharjah 03:00
37 Nov-05 India vs B1 Super 12 Dubai 07:00
38 Nov-06 Australia vs West Indies Super 12 Abu Dhabi 03:00
39 Nov-06 England vs South Africa Super 12 Sharjah 07:00
40 Nov-07 New Zealand vs Afghanistan Super 12 Abu Dhabi 03:00
41 Nov-07 Pakistan vs B1 Super 12 Sharjah 07:00
42 Nov-08 India vs A2 Super 12 Dubai 07:00
43 Nov-10 Semi-Final 1 Playoff Abu Dhabi 07:00
44 Nov-11 Semi-Final 2 Playoff Dubai 07:00
45 Nov-14 Final Final Dubai 07:00



Asia Cup 2022

ACC announced in the recent meeting held in Dubai that Sri Lanka will be the hosting nation for the 2022 Asia Cup while Pakistan to host the 2023 Asia Cup which will be played in ODI format. Pakistan is likely to host the 2023 edition of the Asia Cup as PTV Sports to broadcast live coverage of Asia Cup 2022 and Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan.


PSL 2022

PTV Sports to Broadcast HBL Pakistan Super League – PSL 2022 in Pakistan. The HBL PSL – Pakistan Super League 2022 will be the seventh edition of the T20 tournament likely to begin in February till March. The PSL franchises and the PCB held their meeting in which they decided on new terms and strategies to make this league more attractive and successful.