Realme MagDart World’s Fastest Android Magnetic Wireless Charger

Realme MagDart: Realme Introduced The World’s Fastest Android Magnetic Wireless Charger

Realme has launched MagDart, the first magnetic wireless charger for Android. What advantages does it offer? In principle, it is a matter of loading speed. Here we explain it in detail. MagDart is the fastest wireless charger in the world with 50W of power that has been presented together with the new Realme Flash, the first Android smartphone that supports this type of charging, and other magnetic charging accessories. Realme thus aspires to become the first brand to create a magnetic ecosystem for Android.


MagDart World’s Fastest Magnetic Wireless Charger

The new MagDart charger comes with two different power versions (15W and 50W) and a power bank. The 50W includes a cooling system that is capable of keeping the motherboard of the device at the proper temperature and reducing heat by providing a constant stream of air. In this way, the charging power can be kept at a maximum for a longer time.

The 15W MagDart charger measures just 3.9mm, 24% thinner than MagSafe, and even faster thanks to its innovative design. This design places the motherboard and magnetic coil on either side of the charging cable, making the charger base thinner with a single charging coil. In addition, by separating these two heat sources, it is possible to reduce the increase in temperature and lengthen the charging time without sacrificing power.

Within the ecosystem, the MagDart power bank and the special charging base have also been presented. These two devices can be linked and become vertical charging stations. In addition, the power bank can charge the mobile at the same time that it charges itself while it is in the base, so the user can always have it ready to charge the phone anywhere. Always following the latest trends, it incorporates a vegan leather and aluminum design to make a unique device.



The MagDart Ecosystem is Completed with Accessories

In addition to the chargers, Realme has launched the Beauty Light, rings of light specifically designed to capture the best selfies, which can be easily connected to the phone through the magnetic system and are powered by the inverted charge to achieve extra lighting when taking selfies.

It is also incorporated into the MagDart Wallet catalog, which functions as a support to hold the phone while we are watching movies or during a video call and also has space to store up to three cards.

To make the Realme GT compatible with magnetic charging, the company has also introduced the MagDart charging case. Thus, this case connects via the USB Type C connector and allows the phone to charge wirelessly.

In this way, Realme demonstrates its continuous work to bring the latest technology to the youngest users around the world. In this case, in terms of charging systems, in July 2020 the brand introduced the SuperDart 125W fast charging solution, and, now with MagDart the world’s fastest Android magnetic wireless charger, they want to democratize magnetic charging for all users.

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