Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Hands-on Review

Samsung Foldable Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Hands-on Review 

Samsung has done it again; When it already looked like the leader of the folding world, it goes and hits the table and presents the two best folding smartphones to conquer it all. There is no longer any doubt: Samsung is the king of flexible smartphones, and we have been able to test the Galaxy Z Fold 3, here below is the complete review of the Samsung new foldable smartphone.

Let’s see that you see Galaxy Z Fold 3 and you are not surprised: you don’t have the WOW effect that the first Fold produced. But you are not afraid of breaking it either: It feels like it is well built, that it is robust, that you are not going to break it by opening or closing it, that nothing will happen to use it, come on.

In addition, knowing that it has resistant construction materials gives you more security: the outer screen, for example, is made of Gorilla Glass Victus, the most resistant of the materials of this type. The metal part is made of aluminum 10% stronger than the previous generation.

And this time a great novelty: It is IPx8 certified, that is, it is resistant to water and you can get it wet without fear. This already makes the brain change something and you are “less afraid” of having it in your hands.

But beware that it is not resistant to dust because of the hinge you have to be careful. However, they explain from Samsung that thanks to the improved scanning technology, the fibers inside the hinge are now shorter, which helps repel dust and other particles and maintain the durability of the devices and the user experience without problems.

A Screen that Grows

The 7.6-inch flexible screen is still made of a special material developed by Samsung, but they ensure that this Flex layer is 80% stronger than the previous one. And it will be true, so much so that you can even use the S-Pen with it.

As you hear it: you can write with the S-Pen. A special one, which will be sold as an accessory for the Fold 3, but it certainly makes it clear that the screen is more resistant than ever. It is a non-Bluetooth passive S-Pen. It is used for drawing and writing. It doesn’t have the remote shooting features, but it does have all the other features of the S-Pen.

As far as tastes are concerned, I have to confess that the fact that they have opted for a matte finish has seemed to be a total success. It is not full of traces, in hand, you feel that it is less “slippery”, that it is still a matter of perception, but it is what I have felt: confidence.

They have achieved that the camera module is much more integrated and that is appreciated because it gives stability when placing the mobile on a surface. Besides that it looks better, we are not going to fool ourselves.

One Screen for Everything

When you open it you fall in love. The screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is infinite. They have done a trick that “hides” the front camera so that it does not look like a hole that “breaks” the screen.

Basically what they have done is to place a series of pixels that imitate the color of what is being reproduced in that area of ​​the screen, but at the same time let in light so as not to affect the operation of the camera. Come on, what a good enough solution.

It is a screen with an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz for the smoothest possible experience with video games and other applications. The middle hinge you notice at certain times, but the truth is that after a while it begins to be imperceptible to the eye and you focus on the content. It is like a blindness effect of the brain: at first, what you see in the middle line, and then it is like it disappears.


Camera for whatever you want

Of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 camera, what I would highlight the most is that it has very versatile functions that allow us to take advantage of a lot of the design of the terminal. I liked that it maintains functions to take advantage of its size, and even releases new software, which I always like about Samsung because it does not stay with the hardware and the fight for the lenses but goes a step further and improves its uses.

Take advantage of the folded design to take selfies with the rear cameras. You can use all the camera modes being you the protagonist and also while you see how it looks. In addition, by using the main screen and the outside screen at the same time with the dual preview, the photographer and the poser can see what is being captured.

To record video there is a mode called “Automatic Framing” which is interesting because it makes you follow the zoom and focus, which for creators seemed super original, and which is capable of focusing on two people at the same time while they are moving.


Buying the Z Fold 3: Is it worth it?

This I think is the most interesting part, the justification for why have a mobile with a folding screen. We find uses oriented to the enjoyment of multimedia content, such as the ways you have to place the terminal to watch a video. There is no great news here, but only timid improvements, but the truth is that what you have works well.

We have, for example, the FLEX MODE that works in applications such as video playback, and displays the video in the upper half and the playback controls in the lower half. We also find more optimization for the use of a large screen and the passage between the two in a fluid way, like a really fluid experience.

There are interesting uses such as the “Multi-Active Window” mode to control the screen layout in an easy and flexible way. It helps us to take advantage of the fact that it is such a large screen, for multitasking: you can open several files from the same application at the same time and see them side by side.


The most powerful folding of all

With Galaxy Z Fold 3 they have improved the performance issue because they have opted for the Snapdragon 888 as a processor. They come with 12 GB of RAM which guarantees fluidity whatever you do: come on, you can work or play with your mobile, with this configuration you should not have any problem.

Added to this is 256GB of internal storage, or 512GB depending on the version. It still does not have a MicroSD slot, but everything will work. The battery is 4,400 milliamps. I don’t think it will make it to the end of the day, but it sure will be close, very close.

It will depend on the user, but the truth is that it looks very good. The colors are not very there, but they are fine. Its market price will be 1809 euros for the 256 GB version and 1900 euros for the 512 GB version. They can be pre-ordered on the Samsung website here.

We already know that it is not mobile for everyone, but it has lowered its price and greatly improved its specifications, so it is very close to being the best mobile that Samsung has launched in terms of innovation.

So for now concluding the review, it must be said that everything points to Samsung having finally achieved it and this Galaxy Z Fold 3 has everything to be a foldable and useful mobile, rather than a smartphone born for posturing.