Shakib Al Hasan To Play in CPL 2021

Shakib Al Hasan To Play in CPL 2021

Jamaica Tallawas became the champion in the 2016 CPL (Caribbean Premier League). Shakib played 13 matches for Jamaica. Shakib also played 3 matches in that team in 2016. After a break of 3 years, the Bangladeshi all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan returns to the Jamaica Tallawas camp to play in CPL 2021. The social handle of CPL has confirmed that Jamaica has included Shakib in the team this time.

Shakib Al Hasan has played 18 matches for Jamaica Tallawas. He got 14 wickets in 14 innings. He is the 9th highest wicket-taker for Jamaica Tallawas. Shakib became a Jamaican with the bat in 13 innings. With 221 runs, he is the 12th highest run-getter in Jamaica.

In 2016, Shakib Al Hasan played for Jamaica for the first time in the CPL. Jamaica became the champion of the service. Shakib was the joint second-highest wicket-taker for the team and the sixth-highest run-getter. Shakib took 2 wickets in the final without batting.

Shakib has played 30 matches for two teams in the CPL (Barbados Tridents and Jamaica Tallawas). He has scored 354 runs in 25 innings. He took 29 wickets in 26 innings. Both teams have won the title.

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