The Most Innovative Use of Technology in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic

Tokyo Olympics 2020: The technology of the most innovative Olympic Games in history

It is not surprising, even less when we talk about the most technological Olympic Games in history: The great technological advances implemented in these Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 can mark a before and after for future sporting events of this caliber. We are going to review the use of innovative technology at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

And it is that the expectations about the technology used in the Olympics have been exceeded after just a few days of starting this event. And it is that the pandemic, rather than having affected, seems to have triggered the implementation of technological resources that are worth reviewing.

These innovations range from enhancements to athlete safety, spectator experience, and much more. If you are curious about everything that the Japanese have prepared for us for these Olympic Games, pay attention. Here are some of the most impressive technological innovations to be found at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


Technology Use in Tokyo 2020 Olympic


1. 3D Athlete Tracking

The association of the organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with large-scale companies such as Intel and Alibaba has yielded more than fruitful results. On this occasion, it is a new 3D athlete tracking system, which helps improve the experience of both users and athletes.

This technology is based on the application of artificial intelligence that, with the help of various strategically placed cameras, manages to give a three-dimensional view. Using a deep learning algorithm, it evaluates the form, movement, and biomechanics of each athlete. In this way, it is possible to obtain detailed data on the performance of competitors. This data in turn is available to coaches so that it can be used to make adjustments and improve results.


2. Olympic Facial Recognition

For the first time in the Olympic Games, facial recognition technology has been implemented Olympic Games. Thanks to the Japanese company NEC Global, this system will be part of the security protocols for this event.

The same company is the one that has been in charge of implementing its system and of accrediting more than 300 thousand people who will attend these games. This includes athletes, coaches, volunteers, the media, and other staff. This is how each of the accredited must make use of this technology to be able to access the different areas and accommodations in Tokyo 2020.

This innovative technology seeks to replace old identification checks that used to take twice as long. It also helps detect inappropriate behavior, as well as helps control crowds and the presence of vehicles at events.

3. Virtual Reality for Viewers

The topic of virtual reality has been gaining momentum in recent years. And as expected, in these Olympic Games in Tokyo he was not going to be absent. This wonderful idea has emerged in order to improve the experience of users, who due to the pandemic has not been able to attend the events.

This virtual reality system, based on the True VR system, has an 8K resolution and a 360-degree view. Both the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as certain sports: athletics, gymnastics, boxing, and beach volleyball, are some of the examples that have this display alternative.


4. Autonomous Vehicles

Another of the security measures, and which at the same time constitute an incredible luxury in these Olympic Games, is linked to the implementation of autonomous vehicles. These will serve as transport for the different delegations that are housed in the Olympic Village, a space that is intended exclusively for competitors. This is how all athletes have a fleet of taxis and buses that serve as a means of travel to the training facilities, and to the respective venues of their competitions.

If this has already impressed us, we cannot help but be excited about all that the future awaits us. Try not to miss this extraordinary event, and take the opportunity to be part of the experience they have prepared for you. Also a fun fact: Tokyo 2020 medals are made from recycled mobiles.


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