Things You Should Know About YouTube New Algorithm 2021

Tricks To Grow on YouTube in 2021: News of the Algorithm That You Should Know

The algorithm YouTube has changed and if you have a YouTube channel, you should understand them. Understanding perfectly how these new YouTube Algorithm 2021 works are essential to be able to be successful in it. Only those that adapt to the constant changes that the algorithm of this platform undergoes manage to grow quickly. And the truth is that, although it seems a fairly complex issue to understand, the reality is different.

There are several keys and areas of focus that this algorithm usually emphasizes, before recommending your channel in the feed of other users. Therefore, whether you have been on YouTube for a short time or a long time without having reaped fruits, do not worry. Today you will learn the main novelties of this algorithm and how to take advantage of it to grow on YouTube quickly.

YouTube Algorithm: This is how it works

Before learning how to take advantage of the YouTube algorithm, it is important that you understand the focus areas that are primarily considered. As long as you consider these areas, you can access unlimited benefits.

Most viewed: all those videos that viewers usually watch.

The least seen: refers to those videos that users tend to abandon after a few seconds of viewing.

The amount of viewing time: the more time users spend watching your videos, the higher your click-through rate.

What they like and what they don’t like so much: This factor is determined by the number of times that viewers “like” and “don’t like” a video.

Comments of “Not interested”: occurs when a user, from their feed, chooses not to receive more recommendations about your channel.

User location: important information that influences the suggestions according to what type of content.

Viewing history: If viewers often watch other channels with content similar to yours, you will have a greater chance that your channel will be recommended.

Search history: Similar to view history, taking into account certain search keywords that correlate to your content.

Channel activity: the more active your channel is in terms of content production, the higher the recommendation rank it will have.

Reactions in the videos: the reactions on the part of the spectators regarding the “I like”, “I do not like it” and comments, have a direct impact on the recommendation to other users about your channel.

Growth rate: those videos that have a higher growth rate in terms of visits will have a greater chance of being recommended.


What’s New in the YouTube Algorithm 2021

Understanding everything said above, it is necessary to highlight the importance of some factors of the algorithm that you can try to control. First of all, you have to take into account the click-through rate on your videos. This refers to the possibility of a viewer clicking on them after viewing them.

Another important factor is the viewing times of the videos on your channel. The longer these times, the greater the chances that your channel will be recommended to other users. Finally, one of the most important keys to this algorithm is the number of visits. In this sense, your main objective as a content creator should be to attract as many visits as possible. This, in turn, will translate into more followers and higher earnings.

Fortunately, for the content creators of this platform, YouTube Analytics offers detailed information on all these aspects. In this way, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to your content at the most opportune moments.


Grow on YouTube with these tips

Taking into account all the aspects that are part of the essence of the YouTube algorithm, you will no longer have to depend on luck to be successful on this platform. Do not forget that the production of original and quality content, consistency, and interaction with your users are also essential factors in this equation. So take advantage of these tips to ensure the growth of your channel on YouTube:


Avoid clickbait

The use of misleading titles can lead to the disinterest of the viewer, so they end up abandoning the viewing of the video. Although you should choose attractive titles, they must be related to the content of the video, managing to keep the user hooked on the playback.


Consistent content usage

The videos uploaded to your channel must maintain a certain relationship with each other. When you present diverse content in the same space, the algorithm can ignore you. Explore what is the theme that works for your channel and exploit that content to achieve greater visibility on the platform.

Create attractive thumbnails

To properly capture the user’s attention, it is best to create a thumbnail for your video that is attractive to the naked eye. For this, it is recommended to combine two essential details: the presence of a human face and the use of text. In the first case, it must contain some striking expression that is related to an exciting moment in the video and accompany it with a short text, which is simple but referring to the keyword of the video.


Create quality descriptions

Through the descriptions, YouTube identifies the keywords. For this it will be necessary to have knowledge in SEO and achieve better visibility. The best thing is to use a simple and fluent language, as well as not to abuse the number of keywords that you place in the text.


Keep a routine

Establishing a calendar to upload content to your channel favors the permanence of your viewers, but it is also recommended for the YouTube algorithm. Inactive channels are less likely to be recommended and are often overlooked.


Interact with your followers

Responding to comments or giving likes is a strategy that favors the growth of your channel. Interaction with your followers shows your interest in them. And if you don’t think you have time to answer them all, you can also consider creating thank you videos to show your appreciation to your audience.


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