How to Create an Automatic Reply in GMAIL and Outlook

How to Create an Automatic Reply in GMAIL and Outlook

EMAIL 2021 Trick: How to Create an Automatic Reply in GMAIL and Outlook

There are many GMAIL tips and tricks, and if it is about helping us to be more productive they are more than welcome. One of the most useful tools that GMAIL offers you is the ability to create an automatic reply or response. This is due to the possibility of not issuing it when a new email enters your inbox.

In such a way that if you are not at home, you do not have access to the network or you simply cannot attend to your emails, this alternative is the ideal one. So you can use it in your daily life and thus give a timely response to the sender of the email.

Basically, it refers to the fact that you can configure an immediate letter that will arrive in the form of an email to the person who wrote you. This technological solution facilitates your speed of response giving peace of mind of sending to the sender of the mail.

In this interesting article, we will guide you so that you can create your automatic reply in GMAIL and Outlook.


How to create an automatic reply in GMAIL?

To configure your automatic response in GMAIL you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Access your GMAIL account from your computer or you can also do it using the following link: Gmail
  2. Once you are on the page, locate an icon in the shape of a gear, which is in the upper right part of the screen; this corresponds to the “Configuration”, already located press it.
  3. Then click on the tab: “See all settings” and a menu of options will be displayed.
  4. Select “Auto Answer.”
  5. Then choose the option: “Automatic answer activated” when you press it, the system will ask you for the following information:
  • The time you want the answer to be given.
  • The matter concerning to give back of mail or answer
  • For the message of your choice here you must write exactly what the person sending the email will read.

After writing the message you will have to specify if you want only your contacts to be able to read your automatic response, for this select the corresponding box.

Finally, press the save key to keep the changes registered in your account. When you finish generating your automatic response, the message and your GMAIL signature will appear if you have it.

If you do not have a signature in GMAIL you can create it by following the instructions that will be given to you in the following link Gmail signature. The electronic response solution has the particularity of being able to be activated and deactivated. The temporary activation begins at zero hours of the data you entered and deactivates exactly at twenty-three hours and fifty-nine seconds of each day.


How To Create an Automatic Reply in Outlook

Microsoft’s web email, Outlook also offers an automated reply service called “Out of Office”; However, this has a variant and it is subject to the type of account you have.

Let’s see what they are below:

The first option is to check in your account information if there are the alternative “Automatic responses”, from the selection of it you begin to configure according to the following instructions:

  • When logging into your account, click on the automatic reply box (Out of the office).
    Then select the option “Send automatic response”, being there they will ask you to establish the time you require for your service to be active; in this box enter the start and end date and time.
  • On this same screen you will find a notice that tells you to “automatically reply once per sender”, there choose the alternative you prefer:
  • “Outside my (deactivated) organization, the letter will reach all the people and
  • organizations linked to my email; to avoid massive output you can select “Only my contacts”.
  • If you choose “Within my organization” it will only reach those who work within it.
  • Next, write the message that you will use as an automatic reply.

In a second case, when entering your account and if you do not have the automatic response tab, you must follow the steps to send responses to the emails received when you cannot attend them.

If you are in this group, you can enter the rules page to create an out-of-office message and follow the steps that they indicate.

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Top 15 Interesting Facts About Linux

Most Amazing & Interesting Facts About Linux

Most Amazing & Interesting Facts About Linux

It is one of the most powerful and popular operating systems in the world. The Linux operating system was developed by Linus Benedict Torvalds when he was 21 years old. There are currently over 300 flavors of Linux available, which can be enjoyed on this site: Distrowatch.

Linux is freeware software (Free Software), and is well known and worshiped by its loyal users for being free from most Viruses and other malicious software, in addition to being 99.9% customizable by penguin enthusiasts (Linux mascot) worldwide. Next, we’ll see the biggest curiosities about Linux that a lot of people didn’t know.

Most Amazing & Interesting Facts About Linux

Top 15 Interesting Facts That you Should Know About Linux:


  1. Currently, only 2% of the Linux kernel written by Linus Torvalds remains.
  2. The Linux kernel version is written in the C programming language.
  3. The first commercial GNU/Linux distribution was Yggdrasil which was released in Live CD format in 1992.
  4. A “smart” guy named William Della Croce jr. registered the Linux name and charged royalties for the use of the trademark. Later, he agreed to pass the mark on to the real owner, Linus Torvalds.
  5. Countries like Russia, Brazil, and Venezuela have increasingly focused on Linux as the basis of their independence and efficiency in technology.
  6. The US Department of Defense, the Navy’s submarine fleet, the Federal Aviation Administration, and most US departments use Linux.
  7. 90% of the most powerful supercomputers in the world use operating systems based on GNU/Linux. The use of Linux in data centers around the world is very high, around 33.8% use Linux-based Servers while 7.3% use Microsoft operating systems.
  8. Tux is the official mascot of the GNU/Linux operating system. It is sometimes alleged that the name derives from Torvalds UNIX, a name suggested by James Hughes, rather than the explanation that penguins appear to wear a tuxedo (tuxedo).
  9. Torvalds initially wanted to name the system Kernel Freax (a combination of Free, freak, and the letter X to indicate that it was a Unix derivative), but his friend Ari Lemke, who managed the FTP server where the Kernel was available for download, ended up naming the directory as Linux kernel Torvalds, hence the name stuck.
  10. Debian started one of the first projects based on GNU/Linux which was constituted and organized through a community of developers around the world.
  11. Today, Linux is present in highly critical applications such as bullet trains from Japan, CERN, some air control systems, and even control of nuclear reactors for submarines and warships.
  12. Linux programmers are often associated with the “totally isolated from the world” lifestyle, however, around 75% of the code developed for the Linux Kernel comes from private sector developers. In fact, big technology companies like Intel, Google, IBM, AMD, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Asus, HP, Analog Devices, Oracle, Novell, or Red Hat help in application development, contributing to the development of the GNU / Linux core.
  13. The GNU project in 1991 had no drivers and kernel, which encouraged Linus Torvalds to create and develop the Linux kernel.
  14. The Linux kernel is currently the largest ported operating system in the world, running on a wide variety of operating systems.
  15. Companies are known worldwide, such as Google, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, etc… use Linux as their main operating system.


Final Words

These are some of the curiosities of the best-known and most loved Open Source system in the world. Of course, there are many more fun facts about the penguin system, but this list is meant to cover only the most interesting to the general public.


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10 Best Ways to Unlock Android Phone in 2021

Best Ways to Unlock Android Phones

Best Ways to Unlock Android Phone 2021

Wondering which are the Best Ways to unlock an Android phone without using a password or a pattern? Follow these simple steps to unlock Android smartphones in 2021.

For privacy, the majority of people probably use a screen lock pattern or password on their smartphones. To prevent unauthorized access to your mobile device and personal data, it is critical to configure a screen lock password or pattern. The built-in pattern lock feature provides an additional layer of security for the Android smartphone.

It is necessary to configure the handset’s pattern lock in order to protect personal files from prying eyes. However, technology has advanced, and now mobile phones with fingerprint sensors are available. However, those phones also include an option to unlock them via password or pattern.

While the pattern lock protects the device from unauthorized access, the primary issue arises when the pattern lock is forgot10. You must have encountered some harrowing situations when you accidentally forgot the pattern lock or password that was recently set on your Android device.


What are your options in that case?

If you already know how to unlock android phones without a password, that’s great; otherwise, you’ll need to learn the best tricks for unlocking android phones without a password or pattern.


Discover the Most Effective Methods for Unlocking Android Phones Without a Password

Nowadays, there are numerous lock apps for Android smartphones designed to maintain privacy. However, it has been discovered that people frequently forget their unlocking passwords and pattern. You do not have to be an expert to unlock the locked Android device using your enchanted fingers and technological prowess! How to unlock android phones without having technical expertise if you’ve forgot10 the password or pattern? It is a frequently asked question on the internet.

While it is recommended to change the pattern lock at regular intervals to ensure safety, people are of 10 preoccupied with several difficult tasks and forget about the newly set pattern lock. These individuals would undoubtedly prefer to learn how to unlock android phones rather than pay mobile repair professionals. Would you like to learn the best methods for unlocking an Android phone that has been locked? You have arrived at the correct location!

You no longer need to waste valuable time searching for how to unlock a smartphone without a password or a pattern, as this article contains comprehensive information on easily unlocking Android phones.

10 Best Ways to Unlock Android Phone in 2021

Unlocking Android phones without having technical proficiency is difficult but not impossible!

  1. Resetting the Android phone to factory settings

The simplest method of unlocking any locked Android phone is to perform a factory reset! Turn off your Android phone and wait a few seconds. Simultaneously press the ‘+’ volume key and the power button. Your Android device’s screen would display the recovery mode. Choose the Factory reset option from the menu. You will be presented with a menu of options from which you must choose Wipe Cache Partition to Clean Data. Once the process is complete, you can turn on your phone. It has been unlocked!

This method will undoubtedly unlock the device, but the downside is that you will lose all of your saved data in the phone’s memory, as this method will delete everything. However, if you’re looking for a way to unlock an Android phone without a Google account, this is it.

  1. Increasing the size of the Password Lock Screen

You can use this trick if you have an Android device running version 5.0-5.1.1. This technique enables you to bypass the password lock screen. Additionally, this method is not applicable to devices that are protected by a PIN or pattern. Additionally, this method is inapplicable to devices running earlier versions of Android.

  1. Using ADM to unlock a locked Android phone

If you’re looking for a way to unlock an Android phone without performing a factory reset, you can use ADM! ADM- Android Device Manager enables anyone to quickly unlock a locked Android device from a desktop or laptop computer. Open the android device manager website in the web browser on your desktop computer. Log in with your Google credentials. Select the lock option that appears on the site. Replace your current password with a new one and confirm it. Reset the new password on the locked Android phone by rebooting it. You now have the ability to unlock your phone!

  1. Unlocking an Android phone after the allotted number of attempts has been exceeded

While you’re learning about the best methods for unlocking android phones if you’ve forgot10 the password or pattern, you can’t afford to overlook this method. When a user forgets the unlocking pattern, it is natural to attempt unlocking the device, but these attempts may be futile if the maximum number of pattern attempts is exceeded. With this trick, you can simply avoid exceeding the device’s maximum number of attempts and attempt as many times as necessary until the device is unlocked. Hold down the power button and select the reboot option, which will cause the device to reboot automatically! This trick is simple, and you can enter the possible unlocking patterns without erasing the device’s data.

  1. Pattern Lock Bypass

If the above method of unlocking android phones using simple steps does not work for you, try bypassing the pattern lock. The locked Android device must have an active data connection. After five incorrect patterns, you will receive a notification to try again in 30 seconds. Following that, you’ll see the option ‘Forgot Password,’ which you must tap. The final step of this trick is to enter the locked device’s Gmail address and password. Create a new pattern lock by logging in!

  1. Recover data from an Android device without unlocking it

How to easily unlock Android phones without erasing their data? It is not simple, but it is not difficult either! Install the Android phone’s USB driver on the computer. You must flash a custom recovery image onto the device, such as Cwm, Twrp, or Ctr. Reboot the device and download the ADB fast boot drivers from the manufacturer’s website. You must extract it from a folder of your choice. Once the device has successfully rebooted, configure the device’s custom recovery by selecting the Mounts and Storage option. This step transfers the Android device’s data folder to the PC’s storage location. Simply restart the phone now. Without erasing any data, your phone reboots and the device unlocks.

  1. Unlocking an Android device without access to the Internet

Switch off the Android device and simultaneously press the Power button and the volume ‘+’ key. Select factory reset/wipe data from the ‘Choose recovery mode’ menu. Select ‘Yes—delete user data.’ Now restart the device; it is now unlocked!

  1. Unlocking an Android phone after a series of incorrect patterns and in the absence of an ID and password

If your Android phone becomes locked after attempting the incorrect pattern more than 20 times, you will be prompted to enter your Google account ID and password. If you are unsure of your ID/Password, simply switch off your phone. You must now hold down three keys simultaneously, namely the menu key, the power key, and the ‘+’ volume key. When the brand’s name appears on the screen, simultaneously press the three keys! On the screen, you should now see Android system recovery. Using the volume keys, select the option—wipe data/factory reset. When you select the ‘Yes’ option, the device will be reset and unlocked.

  1. Unlocking Samsung Android-powered devices

If you own a Samsung device that runs Android, you can utilize the Find My Mobile feature. Visit Samsung’s website at This trick is valid for devices registered with this tool. The device must establish an internet connection. Log in with your Samsung account information. You’d be able to obtain a list of available options. You must select the Unlock my Screen option from the Protect my device header.

  1. Using the Android SDK to disable the lock screen

Download, install and extract the appropriate Android SDK’s con10ts and files. This trick will work if the device’s developer menu has USB debugging enabled. This is a trick that requires extreme concentration and a keen understanding of the process. After following the step-by-step procedure, you must disconnect the USB cable and restart your phone.

You can conduct exclusive research to determine the most appropriate trick for your device and situation. The methods mentioned above are tried and true methods that experts use to unlock Android-powered smartphones.

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Top 10 Best Weight Loss Exercises in 2021

Yoga - Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Best Weight Loss Exercises in 2021

According to experts, one of the most effective ways to lose weight is to engage in vigorous exercise. Now the question is what types of exercises aid in weight loss. Thinking? Not to worry, we’ve put together a list of the top ten best fitness exercises for weight loss. By incorporating these weight loss exercises into your daily routine, you will notice that you are becoming slim and fit.


Top 10 Best Weight Loss Exercises in 2021


The following are the most popular and effective weight loss exercises recommended by the majority of experts. Take a close look.


  1. Jogging


Jogging is an excellent total-body workout and one of the best exercises for losing weight and increasing stamina. You should tie your knots early in the morning and late at night, and go for a jog on a nearby park’s walking track.

To begin, you’ll need time to replenish your energy during the exercise, so you can begin with 20 minutes per day and gradually increase it. The best and most remarkable aspect of jogging is that you do not require any exercise equipment other than a pair of comfortable shoes that do not impede your speed while jogging.

It can be a difficult job for men who have knee problems. As a result, it is preferable to progress slowly at first, gradually increasing your speed and distance after a few weeks.


  1. Zumba


Zumba is one of the most popular weight-loss exercises. A style of dancing in which you spin your body in time with the beat of the music. Zumba requires a high level of energy and interest. According to records, over 120 countries worldwide offer Zumba classes to improve their citizens’ fitness.

This exercise does not require you to attend a class or a gym; you can even do it at home. Simply schedule your time (20-30 minutes per day) in the early morning or evening. It is composed of four distinct dance styles: Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and Merengue.


  1. Cycling

Cycling - Best Weight Loss Exercises

Cycling is a sport that many of us enjoy. It is the most effective and brilliant method of strengthening your cardiovascular and muscular systems. Additionally, it aids in the successful loss of body weight. To begin, all you need is a bicycle.

Bring it to a traffic-free street and continue with your routine until you notice your weight starting to drop. Cycling is also a competitive sport, which means you can do it on a daily basis. Perhaps you will one day become a gamer. Choose a challenging goal and begin cycling to accomplish it. Your competitive spirit will guide you through the weight-loss process.


  1. Elliptical Exercise

Elliptical Exercise

The elliptical is an excellent exercise for quickly burning excess fat. An elliptical exercise machine does not require a trainer to instruct you on how to proceed. Alternatively, you can do it very easily at home.

This exercise comes in two varieties: one with fixed handles and one with movable handles. Both have their own distinct advantages. Fixed handles to assist in gradually lowering the body weight, making it ideal for beginners. On the other hand, movable handles are a full-body exercise that requires a great deal of effort. As a result, it is ideal for specialists only.


  1. High-Intensity Exercises

High-Intensity Exercises

Another highly effective weight-loss exercise is a high-intensity exercise. It is consistently effective and provides numerous benefits for weight loss. If you’ve never exercised before, it’s best to avoid high-intensity exercise, which requires a lot of energy, interest, and capability.

You can begin by performing daily exercises for a few months until you feel ready to move to a higher level of intensity. These exercises incorporate both push-ups and weightlifting. By performing this exercise for 30-40 minutes per day, you will be able to burn a significant amount of calories.


  1. Walking

Walking - Best Exercise to Loss Weight

Walking is a simple but highly effective exercise for weight loss. You do not require any tools. Simply put on some shoes and begin walking on the roof of your house or along a park pathway. If your stamina allows, you can walk quickly. Adjust your walking time from 15 to 20 minutes per day to 40-60 minutes per day.

The more you walk, the better your chances of losing weight are. If you have an injury, you should avoid fast walking and instead opt for slow walking. Losing weight while walking is a solid phenomenon, but it will undoubtedly keep you healthy and fit for the rest of your life.


  1. TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)

TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)

TRX push-ups are the most common type of TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise). They utilize a strap to support the body. While performing body resistance exercises, you must maintain both gravity and weight.

For instance, some Total Body Resistance Exercises are fantastic for strengthening the upper body muscles, while others are fantastic for strengthening the lower body muscles. You can choose the most appropriate ones based on your body shape and ability to exercise.


  1. Swimming

Swimming - Best Weight Loss Exercises

Swimming is one of the effective exercises for weight loss because it is one of the best, strongest, and most effective exercises. You’ve probably noticed that swimmers are typically slim, energetic, and active individuals. This is because swimming is a total-body exercise. It not only burns calories but also builds muscle and strengthens your bones.

It works equally well on men and women. Worldwide, physicians believe that swimming is the most effective way to increase metabolism and blood flow in the body. The obese must perform this exercise at least three times per week. Swimming is an excellent way to avoid developing asthma and to keep your lungs healthy.


  1. Running

Running - Best Weight Loss Exercises

Running is the most beneficial and healthy habit you can develop. Although it plays a significant role in weight loss, it also strengthens your bones and muscles. As such, it is one of the best exercises for weight loss.

Once you begin running on a regular basis, you will begin to burn calories and fat. Those who engage in this exercise on a daily basis have a better chance of developing enormous body systems.

Your heart begins pumping healthy blood more quickly, and your risk of stroke and heart attack significantly decreases. If you run for 30 minutes each day, you can burn approximately 600 calories per hour.


  1. Yoga

Yoga - Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Yoga is one of the best and most effective weight-loss workouts to try at home. Maintaining fitness is a mental, physical, and spiritual practice. Yoga aims to transform the body and mind and can help regulate metabolism.

The term “Yoga” originated from the term “Yoking Together,” which means that you can develop a highly effective relationship with both your body and mind. It aids in the burning of additional body calories and can help you achieve health and fitness in a matter of months. Yoga is a favorite exercise of a slew of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities.


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Top 10 Tips to Attract a Woman for Relationship in 2021

Tricks to Attract a Woman for Relationship

Tips to Attract a Woman for Relationship in 2021

Who doesn’t want to continue being in a relationship with a woman? Yes, everyone, but the majority of people fail in their relationships for a variety of reasons. A strong relationship with a woman is founded on trust and commitment. There are numerous ways to impress women and develop a strong bond with them.

Are you interested in learning all of these tricks that will help you become a woman’s center of attraction?? If you answered affirmatively, these tips have the potential to transform your life and provide you with a bright relationship with a lovely lady.

We know you’re ecstatic to learn all of these tips for attracting women for relationship purposes. Therefore, let us begin immediately and without wasting any valuable time.


Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Attract a Woman for Relationship in 2021


  1. Fulfill her desire

Every woman desires for her partner to fulfill her wishes. If you want to impress a lady or a life partner, always make an effort to fulfill her wishes. It is one of the true indicators of genuine affection in a relationship. It works incredibly well, and this trick attracts women to you. Simply surprise them with their favorite item and make her happy. This surprise gift, chosen in accordance with her wishes, will strengthen your bond and foster a healthy relationship between the two of you.


2. Always avoid pursuing her

The majority of men desire to learn how to attract a woman for relationship purposes. For them, it will be beneficial to know that you should never pursue your dream lady in the same way that others do. If you can give her freedom and act friendly while demonstrating extra care, she will be extremely impressed with you. This is one of the best relationship tips and a top-secret that experts use to impress women. You can apply this to your relationship as well, as it will work wonders and will undoubtedly improve your bonding with any woman.


3. Make your existence more interesting

Would you like to learn how to impress a woman?? Yes, simply keep your life interesting and it will undoubtedly have a favorable effect on your dream lady. She will also take pleasure in her life with you. The majority of people make the mistake of ignoring their own lives in order to focus exclusively on their lady, which is always a bad strategy. How can you make your lady happy if you have a bad life of your own? Simply consider it and apply it to your life to see how you can make a huge impression on her mind.


4. Increase your self-confidence

Boosting your confidence is another technique for attracting a woman for a relationship. Women adore men who exude confidence, and the majority of women adore confident men. Therefore, if you want to impress your dream lady, simply boost your confidence and observe the results. Attempt to conduct yourself confidently in front of her and, yes, never be overconfident, as this can backfire. Increase your confidence by making some wise choices and you’ll quickly attract the attention of women and impress them.


5. Possess excellent hygiene and personality

Personality development in men is always a great way to attract women for relationship purposes, and with its assistance, you can easily capture a woman’s attention. If you have an incredible personality and maintain proper hygiene, you can easily impress any woman in a matter of minutes. Therefore, always keep these things in mind and strive to improve your personality’s speaking style, dressing sense, and speaking style, as these are always important. These are some of the qualities on which you must concentrate in order to impress a woman.


6. Develop an interesting hobby or passion for something

If you have an interesting hobby and a unique passion, there is nothing better than these dating tips to attract a woman. Most women appreciate men with extra abilities, and if you have an attractive and unique passion, you can easily attract and impress any woman. If you lack such hobbies and passions, narrow your focus to a specific field and develop your expertise; you will notice the difference in your relationship. She will undoubtedly develop a greater liking for you, and your relationship will become stronger than it was previously.


7. Pay special attention to her

Giving her extra attention is another effective and well-proven way to impress women. According to research, women crave attention, and if you can attract their attention with a gentle demeanor and sweet talk, you can easily make a favorable impression on their minds. Indeed, this is one of the most effective ways to identify genuine love in a relationship, which she will undoubtedly notice. Numerous experts concur, and you can use it to impress any lady. It will undoubtedly work, and if you are already in a relationship, these tips can help strengthen and trust your bond.


8. Inform her of her secrets

Informing her of your secrets is an easy way to impress a woman. Women generally prefer gentlemen with an open mind, and in such a relationship, if you can confide in your partner your most intimate secrets, you can develop a special bond with her. This will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship and also instill trust in her mind for you, which is critical in any relationship.


9. Make an extraordinary effort to look after her

Women are constantly striving to do something extraordinary for their partners and to take care of them. If you want to learn how to attract a woman for a relationship, simply follow the above line. When it comes to caring, you do your best to fulfill her wishes and never harm her under any circumstances. There are many other factors to consider. Care is a critical component of a relationship that always strengthens it and propels it toward a positive path of happiness.


10. Encourage her to Laugh

Laughter is always beneficial to one’s health, and when it comes to people, everyone enjoys a good laugh. If you have the ability to make your dream lady laugh, you undoubtedly possess a valuable skill. If you can make a woman laugh, she will gravitate toward you. Women generally desire happiness with their partners, and if you can maintain that happiness and constantly attempt to make her laugh, you will win her heart. She will perceive you as a unique individual and will almost certainly like you more, which will contribute to the development of a strong relationship.


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