Turejo Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Price and Availability

Turejo Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Complete Detailed Review

Muscle guns are essential for those who want to take care of themselves and relax their muscles between workouts, for example. So if you are looking for an easy-to-use, silent, and powerful massage gun at a cheap price, here is the Turejo Percussion Muscle Massage Gun.

It is a very complete pistol: The presentation as you can see, is very elegant: it has a briefcase where to place the pistol and all the accessories. It also has a small velvet-like bag in case you are going to take it on a trip, or to the gym, for example.

As for the heads, we have a lot of variety: there are 6 pieces with different shapes depending on the type of message and the area to be massaged. In the manual that accompanies the gun, you can see the names and suggested uses of each head.

It has a silent, but very powerful motor. In fact, it allows adjusting 20-speed levels from 1400 to 3200 revolutions per minute, according to different groups of massage muscles. Depending on the area to be massaged, you can easily find the vibration frequency that suits you best.

It is very easy to use. Very intuitive, and has a touch panel to control the speed of the muscle massage gun: There you can increase or decrease the speed and with it the power of the massage.

Of course, for the ignition, it has a physical button in the form of a switch at the bottom of the gun. About autonomy: it has a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery. You can use it up to 4-6 hours after fully charged.

Without a doubt, a good alternative to recover faster when training. Note that this type of accessory does not replace the professional assessment of a physiotherapist, for example, but it may well help to improve any injury we have, to loosen muscles after training, or to complement the therapy that a professional in the field may have recommended.


Turejo Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Price and Availability 

Turejo Percussion Muscle Massage Gun is released and is available at a price of $118.99 US.

Turejo Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Price and Availability

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