Types of Makeup to Make an Impact on Every Occasion

Types of Makeup to Make an Impact on Every Occasion

It is important to know what style to apply according to each occasion to get the most out of it. For this, you must review which are the most used types of makeup for different occasions and the basic technique of applying each one.

Makeup is, without a doubt, one of the best allies that women have to look prettier than normal. For a spectacular result, it is also essential that you use quality cosmetics and make a selection of them based on aspects such as your skin type, eye tone, and of course, the occasion. Read on and learn a little more about the best types and tips for makeup.

Makeup Styles for Different Occasions

1. Smokey eyes

Smoky eyes or smokey eyes are one of the classic makeup for the night. It is dramatic and very flattering, as it gives the appearance that the eyes are larger and slanted in shape than they really are.

For this style, black shadows and very dark shades of gray are used mainly. As well as bright eyeliner, and as the main protagonists are the eyes, the lips are painted nude or cream.

2. Classic red lip makeup

A classic red lipstick makeup that, depending on how heavy the eyes are, can be used both during the day and at night. We say that it is classic because it was a style widely used by our grandmothers.

For the night, you can highlight the look with dark brown or gray shadows plus a liner on the upper eyelid similar to a cat’s eye. Complement the look by painting your lips a vibrant shade of red.

For the day, also line the eyes but use much lighter shadows. You can also use softer shades for the liner itself. What can not be missing in this classic are red lips, a striking and very flattering color, regardless of the color of your skin.

3. Makeup for photography

A much more ornate style that, as the name suggests, is especially recommended for photoshoots. In these cases, the base, shadows, and outlines are much more exaggerated, and although in person it is a very strong style, generally in the photographs it is perfect.

Generally, it is a look developed by professionals but if you want to put it into practice, just remember to exaggerate all the steps. The base, for example, should be a little thicker than normal. The illuminator, shadows, and outline should also be well-defined.

3. Makeup for the day

The fact of using much less strong makeup does not mean having to go out with a washed face, especially if you go to the office or just want to look much better. For the day you can also highlight your best features only more subtly. To do this, use golden, pink, and brown tones.

If you want a slightly more intense look, highlight your look with shades of the same color as your iris and complement it by painting your lips with a very intense pink. Also remember to always pay attention to the skin, use a light foundation, a little blush, and a highlighter.

4. Cat Eyes

Another makeup style where the focus is on the look. Although it can be used both day and night, it is more recommended for the latter, since it is a bit stronger.

The main protagonists of this style are the eyes and for this, the key elements are a good outline in black and mascara. The eyeliner should be applied only on the upper part of the eyelid, starting with a very thin line on the inside, which should increase in thickness as it progresses towards the outside of the eye.

The goal is for the eyes to appear slightly larger and have a ragged or almond shape like cats do. Hence the name of this makeup. Complement the look with a nice coat of mascara.

5. Theatrical makeup and rectified

This style uses specific products, much more pigmented so that the makeup remains intact for much longer. They are looks carried out by professionals, both in the case of theater and in grinding.

The latter is the one used in television or cinema that, although it appears to be a normal makeup, uses products that guarantee a very precise natural finish. This is because the screen and lights magnify even the smallest imperfections.

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What are the Types of Makeup?

In today’s world, there are many types of makeup and different ways to classify them. For example, one of the best-known classifications is those referring to the time of day, this is how we can define makeup for the day and the night. However, within these two very general categories, we can include a great variety of styles.

Knowing how to play with styles and knowing our faces, specifically which are those points that we must highlight and which others to hide, is key so that we can get the most out of this tool that can make us look like goddesses. As we discussed earlier, regardless of the look you use on each occasion, you must opt for quality cosmetics whose characteristics favor your skin type and tone.

Everyday Makeup Kit

Before delving into the different types of makeup as such, we want to review what are some of the key aspects that you must take into consideration so that the result is spectacular, regardless of the occasion.

1. Eye color

One of the central axes of any makeup is highlighting the eyes. Whether it is simple or more ornate, selecting the right colors based on the tone of the eyes can be very helpful. For example, if your eyes are brown, you can use both warm and cold colors, such as gold, brown, blue, and green tones.

For green eyes, the most recommended are orange, reddish, and violet tones. If, on the other hand, your eyes are blue, you can opt for very soft warm tones such as pink or orange. Black, on the other hand, is a classic that, in general, always adapts very well to any shade of eyes. Of course, use it wisely to avoid looking very overloaded. Remember that less is more in the world of beauty.

2. Type of skin

Not just any foundation, regardless of its brand or price, is the most suitable for all skin types. If you want quality makeup, you must opt for a base that is perfect for both your skin type and tone.

Before buying a foundation and other cosmetics that will be in direct contact with the skin, you must make sure that the characteristics of the same are adequate. Do you have oily, dry, or combination skin? This aspect is essential to making a wise selection, as well as that the tone is appropriate, and for this, the objective is that it is the closest thing to your tone, neither lighter nor darker.

Types of Makeup According to the Time of Day

1. Makeup for the day

Makeups for the day are characterized by being much softer than those for the night. The goal is to highlight the best attributes but in a very discreet and natural way. You can use this style to go to the office, to a business lunch or even to do the shopping.

This style requires a light foundation very well spread all over the face. Also the application of a little concealer of dark circles and a loose compact powder to seal. 

Then, it is time to highlight the look. For this, it is important to define the eyebrows a little with a crayon and then use soft-toned shadows to give a little shine. Finish with one or two coats of mascara for a more impactful result.

If you want to define your eyes a little more, we recommend using a liner in lighter tones such as brown. Finally, do not leave the house without first applying a little blush to define the cheekbones and paint your lips with a light tone.

2. Makeup for the night

Makeups for the night are shocking and dramatic. Here we can play a little more with the darker shadows and with brighter eyeliners. For the evening there are many styles but, once again, you should always focus your goal on the eyes. Highlighting her shape with good makeup can make you look like a true Goddess.

Always start with a base that covers imperfections very well but without looking too heavy. Do not forget to use the concealer for dark circles, an essential cosmetic regardless of the time of day.

Then define your eyebrows very well and choose a color palette based on your look. For the night, cat and smoky eye makeup are very common, and for both, it is necessary to use gray and black shadows. We recommend looking for tutorials so that you can apply the technique correctly, otherwise, the result can be disastrous.

Use a mascara that highlights your lashes and makes them look much longer. In fact, if you want to put on false eyelashes, this is the occasion that you cannot miss. Also, use a good blush and highlighter to define your features. Finally, don’t forget to paint your lips. If the style of the eyes is very ornate, use a lighter color and if it is not so, the idea is that you apply a stronger and more sensual tone.

Step-by-Step Guide for a Perfect Makeup

The steps to apply makeup both day and night are very similar. What really differentiates the two is the intensity of the colors and the style as such.

Choose a look based on the time of day, occasion, and the shape of your face. Remember that perhaps the makeup that looks so good on another girl may not be on you and vice versa.

1. Prepare your face

The first step is not to apply foundation or concealer, but to prepare your skin for this entire process. Make sure it is well-clean, dry, and hydrated. 

Similarly, if you have an important event, try to avoid foods with a lot of salt in the days before to avoid inflammation and avoid indiscriminate exposure to the sun. 

Additionally, it is recommended that you use a hydrating and exfoliating mask, as long as you do not have sensitive skin.

2. Eyes and eyebrows

We always recommend starting with eye makeup because it is much easier to clean excess shadow from other parts of the face. The first thing is to put a little base on them, spread it, and wait a few minutes until it dries. 

Then start with the shadows. Apply a light shadow to the entire eyelid and use a slightly darker one to add depth to the eye. The place to do it is the mobile eyelid. Blend gently.

Depending on the look you may prefer to paint the eyelid with a darker color or leave it with the base tone. Apply some off-white eyeshadow just below the brows to brighten the look. 

You can complement the makeup using a very sensual eyeliner and of course, applying a very intense mascara. Also, make up your eyebrows subtly to make them stand out but look natural.

3. Base

Once the eyes are finished, it is time to focus all the effort on the skin. Use light and luminous foundation. To apply it, use a sponge or brush, and take your time so that it is perfectly even. Also, apply some foundation to the neck and a slightly lighter concealer in the dark circle’s area.

The concealer also illuminates the sides of the nose, and the center of the forehead and blends gently.

With this technique, you will be able to better outline the features of your face, define the cheekbones, and give the appearance of a smaller and more profiled nose. Finally, seal the makeup with a little pressed powder.

4. Side

Use elements like blush and highlighter to define the contour of your face. Apply a little blush to your cheekbones and if you want to lengthen your face shape a bit, bring the blush line gently towards the chin area. If, on the other hand, you want it to look rounder, you should bring the line to the tip of the nose.

5. Lips and sealing

Finally, paint your lips with the tone or tones that you like the most. Remember that you can combine several shades and thus get a unique one. The important thing, in this case, is that your lips are well moisturized.

When the look is completely ready, seal it with pressed powder and preferably with a spray specially made for this purpose. In this way, the makeup will remain intact for many more hours.

There are many types of makeup, you just have to dare to try and combine several according to each occasion, your look, and of course, your preferences. The important thing is that you learn to use this wonderful tool to your advantage, to feel more incredible and beautiful than you already are.

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