What is Oppo Renove and How it Works

What is Oppo Renove and How it Works

OPPO Renove is the program of the Asian smartphone firm OPPO with which you can get money for the sale of your used device, and use that balance to buy a new one in the online store of the same manufacturer. If you have not heard of this option, pay attention when we tell you how it works.

What is Oppo Renove and How it Works and Can Save Your Money?

The company, located among the leaders in the mobile telephony sector, offers users the solution to renew their terminals, even if they are broken or not working, and they can save on their new OPPO smartphones most simply and comfortably.

The used device must have, at least, a valuation of 10 euros in functional condition and in case it does not work, the company pays you 40% of the published value.

It also has a list that contains more than 950 phone models that you can buy. In case your device is not on the list, it is likely a very old model and it is impossible to find a commercial outlet for it.

How does OPPO Renove work?

So you can benefit from the OPPO Renove program, you just have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the OPPO Renove website and select the new product you want to buy in the OPPO online store.

Step 2: Find the devices you want to sell, add them to your sale, and fill in the requested data. Once the process is finished you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3: Select the date to collect your used device and get your OPPO money with the amount of the sale.

Step 4: Buy the OPPO product you want by entering the OPPO online store. In this process you must enter the coupon received to obtain your discount. The coupon will be sent within 24-48 business hours from the receipt of the mail with the final amount of the device once all the information has been processed.

If you want to know more details about OPPO Renove you can visit the official OPPO page and check the Frequently Asked Questions option.

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