Why Instagram Restrict My Account Reasons and Solution

Why Instagram Restrict My Account Reasons and Solution

Why is Instagram restricting my account? If you are trying to enter the platform and have not been able to, your account may have been blocked, but, first, as we tell you about reasons why Instagram restrict your account and does not work, check your connection and your device before moving on to the next step, check if the App of the camera has blocked you. Let’s see.

Like any community, Instagram establishes its rules of coexistence, policies, and conditions of use. So, the first thing you should make sure of is that you have not violated any of them, because it is one of the main reasons for me to restrict an account. You can disable your Instagram account without prior notice.

Why is Instagram Restrict my Account Reasons and Solution?

In its community regulations, the social network has several guidelines that you must comply with to avoid blockages, either temporarily or permanently if you have violated its policies repeatedly. Pay attention to what we tell you about three reasons why Instagram restricts my account.


1. Massive Follow-ups and Likes

The platform has limits on the actions you can take in a certain period. If you try to obtain a significant number of likes and followers at the same time, these limits are exceeded and the App will relate it as spam. Then Instagram may not let you like it.

Instagram has a set number of actions per hour, if these are altered, the application can take them as if you were using third-party applications to generate automatic interactions.


2. Copyright Infringement

If you share photos and videos without respecting copyright, it is also an action why Instagram restricts your account, therefore, the platform recommends that you post what you have taken or recorded, or that you have the right to share.

To post someone else’s image, tag the author (as long as you have their Instagram account) and give them credit in the description. If you use images for advertising purposes, you must also request permission from the author of the image to use it for that purpose.


3. Inappropriate Content

Instagram considers inappropriate and penalizes accounts that show photos and videos of naked bodies, sexual content, and explicit violence as well as the use of drugs. The posts of this type of content may be the reason why Instagram blocks your account immediately.

So, post only your own photos and videos, and comply with the regulations at all times. Respect all users; do not spam or post inappropriate photos.

In case you believe that your account was blocked by mistake, you can ask the App to reconsider the decision. To do this, open the application, enter your username and password, and follow the instructions that appear on your Instagram screen.