Best Natural Perfumes

7 Best Organic (Natural) Perfumes For Women

Eco-friendly or organic colognes, also called natural fragrances, are made without synthetic chemicals and are typically cruelty-free and gluten-free. Turn over any bottle in your bathroom and search for the word fragrance or perfume.

We guarantee you’ll find it on every ingredient list of every product you use: Perfumes are ubiquitous in personal care products because consumers want their products to smell good. The problem? Companies have no legal obligation to disclose what their fragrance is made of because it is considered proprietary.

Of the possible 2,947 ingredients listed by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), fragrance blends typically contain several hundred chemicals, most of them synthetic, which, according to a 2018 study, emit the same amount of chemical vapors as emissions. of oil from automobiles.

These vapors, also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), react with proteins that can cause immune responses (including breathing problems, migraines, skin irritation, and asthma attacks). Over time, this can lead to aggravating long-term health effects.

A 2015 study that tested 37 scented consumer products found that 42 VOCs emitted were classified as toxic or dangerous. Some of the more troubling ingredients found under the perfume label (or a related term like perfume) include phthalates (hormone disruptors linked to reproductive congenital disabilities in infants), as well as octoxinols and non-oxinols (also persistent hormone disruptors).

Quality plant-based essential oils used as a fragrance can be highly beneficial to your skin, but they can also be irritating – and therefore considered toxic – at certain levels. The way the essential oil is processed is also meaningful.

For example, a 2018 study found potentially dangerous chemicals in 24 commercial essential oils tested. Although essential oils have been labeled “natural,” “organic,” or “pure,” they have been extracted, diluted, or synthesized with petrochemicals that can be absorbed by the skin or inhaled.

7 Best Organic and Natural Perfumes For Women

1. Jasmine Glam Eau de Parfum

Best Natural Perfumes

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The fragrances here are 100% natural and 85% organic. This beautiful floral scent contains no artificial or toxic extracts and has not been tested on animals. It is excellent for spring and has notes of ylang-ylang and bergamot, scented like flowers in bloom. 

The heavy gold glass bottle with an old-fashioned cap will look classy. It’s the most expensive on our list but contains exotic ingredients worldwide, such as Egyptian jasmine and Sicilian bergamot.

2. Ralph Lauren Ralph Eau de Toilette

Best Organic Perfumes

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Ralph by Ralph Lauren is a floral-fruity fragrance created especially for women. The scent of this organic perfume is not overwhelming. It comprises a sparkling green apple, a spicy Mediterranean mandarin, and inviting hints of pink magnolia that give way to the seductive purple freesia and soft blue musk in the heart. Celebrate femininity with this cheerful floral fragrance!


  • Floral fragrance
  • Not overwhelming


  • Not long-lasting

3. L’Erbolario Jade Tree Eau de Parfum

Best Eco-friendly Perfumes

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This 100% natural perfume is made in Italy with real fruits, flowers, and plant extracts. This fresh fragrance evokes positivity and confidence in the person who wears it. It has floral-citrus notes of bergamot, yellow rose, white tea, jade flowers, exotic verbena, and amber. This natural perfume is cruelty-free and free of harmful metals and added preservatives.

4. Cherry Blossoms Eau de Toilette

Cherry Blossoms Eau de Toilette

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L’Occitane’s policy is to use primarily natural and traceable ingredients, keeping track of where they come from. Over 200 botanical ingredients go into its products; a quarter are certified organic.

5. Acorelle Green Tea Scent For Women

Acorelle Green Tea Scent For Women

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Each of Acorelle’s certified organic perfumes supposedly has a different effect—sensual, calming, confidence-boosting—but this one, in particular, was created to enhance alertness and vitality, and it does exactly what it says.

It contains 100% natural essential oils with refreshing notes of lemon and cedar that boost energy. It comes in a roll-on bottle, especially when on the go. Suitable for vegans. Organic certified.

6. Giorgio Beverly Hills Yellow Parfum

Giorgio Beverly Hills Yellow Parfum

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Giorgio Beverly Hills is a magnificent organic and natural perfume for women. Its fruity top notes blend orange blossom, peach, and apricot. The warm base is a sensual blend of sandalwood and vanilla. This floral fragrance delights and attracts anyone who smells it.

7. Aveda Linea Stress-Fix

Aveda Linea Stress-Fix

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Based on French lavender, lavender, and clary sage, this organic scent is sweet and floral with balsamic undertones. Its aim is to relieve stress and relax. Ecocert is certified organic.

How to buy a natural and non-toxic perfume?

Contact your favorite beauty brands and ask for a list of the ingredients used in their fragrance and the procurement process for any essential oils. Are they organic, and have they been grown responsibly? Compare each ingredient with a third party. Or go even further and ask your favorite brands to change the labeling so that, in the future, they include all of their fragrance ingredients on the packaging.

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