Best Outdoor String Lights

12 Best Outdoor String Lights To Lighten Your Patio

So, you are looking at your patio at night and realizing that it is lifeless – total darkness and your backyard lamp doesn’t do much to provide much-needed lighting. Let’s discover the best outdoor string lights to lighten your patio in style.

A patio is where all the fun should happen; you know-family gatherings, birthday parties, and catches with friends over some drinks. You need to invest in outdoor patio string lights to breathe some life into it.

Patio string lights can lighten up your porch while you enjoy a glass of wine with your better half, family, or friends. These lights are versatile and can be used at various events – from weddings and dances to cookouts while you relax on your patio.

The problem with these lights comes when you decide to buy the perfect options for your patio. There are outdoor lights with bug bulbs that provide more light to your patio, smaller LED lights that offer brightness with different colors, and solar versions that save your electricity bill.

Best Outdoor String Lights

To save you from the hassle of choosing the right one, we’ve researched some of the best outdoor string lights that you can use today and bring your home to life. The buying-out guide also provides some insightful points to help you make a more informed decision.

1. Limontec rope lights, vintage 25ft backyard lights

Are you organizing a joyous occasion on your patio? If so, Lemontec stock lights are a must. You can use these lights during dinners, meetings, and tents and at weddings. But the occasions don’t have to be outdoors.

The lights are great even indoors. The good thing is that these lights are effortless to use. They come with an E12 chandelier socket base, capable of connecting up to 2.5 strings.

One of the most attractive features of the lights is the fact that the strands have a reliable end-to-end connection. With that, you can connect a series of up to three strands if you have a large area to cover.

So, instead of a 25-foot chain, you can multiply the length by 75 feet for larger sizes. Each string comes with 25 G40 bulbs connected end to end. The internal between each successive bulb is 12 inches.

The bulbs require 110V power. They will only consume a little muscle since it is a 5-watt affair. When you have a special occasion, pull the lights out and plug them into an electrical outlet. Like that, you will get the lights up and running.


  • Comes with 5-watt bulbs
  • Has an end-to-end connection to connect series
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • I may not be able to take a hard time
  • The series is too thin for outdoor use
  • A whole series will pop when a light comes on

2. Lampat String Lights, Lampat 25ft G40 Globe String Lights

Outdoor string lights are not created the same. While some show a sense of elegance in their simplicity, others do not. Globe String Lights are ideal for decorating places for birthdays, weddings, and celebrations such as anniversaries.

Each string spans 25 feet and has a maximum of 25 G40 bulbs 12 inches apart. To cover large areas, the ropes come with a convenient end-to-end connection. As such, you will find a 6-inch male plug on one end and a 6-inch female connector on the other.

Although interconnected, the bulbs hardly influence the work of others. Essentially, each bulb is on its own. Breaking one does not mean that the others will not work—you will have to replace the untempered burned bulb with the rest.

Great for use outdoors and indoors, the lights work well on pool umbrellas, parties, patios, patios, cafes, tents, and decks. The design is elegant and classic at the same time. They are definitely among the best string lights out there. Weighing just 1.25 pounds, the lights are lightweight and easy to suspend in the space you plan to use.


  • The bulbs can be connected end-to-end
  • The outlet bulbs are easy to replace
  • A classic and elegant set of lights


  • Provides only one color of light
  • The brightness level is only one
  • Bullets can burn out without warning

3. Outdoor Lighting Store 50ft Black String Lights

Outdoor patio light strings must be durable. They must have the ability to withstand harsh temperatures, wind, and rain. But not all patio string lights are designed to do that.

This string light is durable and beautiful, too. Thus, it can withstand the ravages of time while making your patio look attractive. They are balloon-style lights that look great in your space.

Each strand comes with a 50-foot cord. On the wire are 60 incandescent bulbs sitting at 12-inch intervals. As such, the chain can cover a large area to provide sufficient lighting.

If visitors come to your home, having these lights in place will likely leave a lasting impression on them. You may attach a timer or dimmer to bring the sunshine to life or go out at a particular time. That way, you don’t have to be around to turn the lights on or off.

When you buy these lights, all the bulbs will arrive intact. In addition, you will get ten extra lights. This is to ensure that you can replace any faulty lights. Setting up these lights is quick and easy.

You don’t have to be a trained and experienced electrician. The lights come with a detailed guide, a replacement fuse, and 100 zip lines—just everything you need to configure them correctly.


  • Made to withstand the ravages of time
  • The cable is 50 feet long
  • It comes with ten additional lights


  • Reports of light bulbs burning out quickly
  • Words of light bulbs breaking during the hanging process
  • Comes with bulbs

4. Brightown Outdoor String Lights 25-Feet G40 Globe Patio Lights

The best patio string lights are supposed to be sturdy enough to withstand the ravages of the weather outside.

Brightown Outdoor String Lights are designed to withstand rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Thanks to the included replacement fuse, they are safe to use and will last a long time.

You will find these lights extremely easy to install. All you need to do is attach, fix, or wire tie up virtually anywhere you want. Generally, patio string lights are 25 feet long and have 25 sockets.

There is one bulb every 12 inches, with the male connector on a 6-inch lead and the female connector on a 6-inch tail.

Each bulb has a 5-watt capacity and is capable of producing light, warm, white light. It is possible to save energy by turning off the brightness of the bulbs. The bulbs are portable and easy to take with you wherever you go.

You can install it in commercial settings such as a wedding reception, umbrella market cafe, field barbecue, gazebo, pergola, garden, or balcony. If you notice anything unusual, contact the seller, and they will sort it out.


  • Suitable and safe to use in extreme weather conditions
  • The lights are easy to install – all you need is to plug in properly
  • 5-watt bulbs with warm white light can save energy


  • Some users have found the installation process to be time-consuming
  • The globe bulbs will shut off when discarded on the ground
  • Reports of bulbs dying without much notice

5. TaoTronics 33ft 100 LED String Lights TT-SL036 Dimmable Remote Control

They are looking for string lights to set up the venue for your Christmas party. The TaoTronics LED String Lights TT-SL036 provides firm enough lighting and perfect holiday decoration.

The lights are bright enough to illuminate the dark corners of your patio. Not only do they make people feel welcome at the party, but they also create a sense of romance.

The good thing about these lights is that you can send them via the remote control. The brightness is adjustable to a maximum of 10 levels. That means you have the freedom to choose the level of brightness for your party.

In addition, you can adjust between the different modes, including strobe, smooth, or flash options. By switching from one mode to another, you can make room for an infinitely vibrant party environment.

Another attractive thing about these string lights is that they are weatherproof. You can use them outdoors without worrying about the effects of the elements on them.

They produce a warm white and yellow light that is cheerful and warm. Accompanying the lights is a low-profile power adapter that is easy to conceal.


  • Allows adjustment to a maximum of 10 brightness levels
  • Characteristics of an insulated copper cable
  • An easy-to-hide, low-profile power adapter


  • To use the remote, you have to be in a direct line of sight
  • Light reports are not as yellow as expected
  • Fade features don’t seem to work well

6. GE String, Long 100 Count Indoor / Outdoor Mini Clear White Holiday Lights

When decorating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas parties, more string lights are needed in more than one color. The monotony created by the unique color removes the emotion from the whole thing.

That is why you need a multi-colored lightbox from GE String. They will not only illuminate your space but will also dazzle and entertain your guests. What else can you expect from the elegance that comes with dance lights?

The package included two boxes, each containing a string of 100 multi-colored lights. That means you can use the strings to cover a larger area than you would with a single string. GE series lights are designed to be connected end-to-end in sets of 5. That means a single connection would provide you with 500 multi-color lights.

Did you know that you can use these lights both indoors and outdoors? Thus, you do not have to stick to the open air. Why is fun inside the house not contagious? Since you have two boxes of lights in one package, buying this product is inexpensive. Try the lights for your home decorations during the holidays.


  • It reaches the packages instead of one
  • Multi-color serial lights
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use


  • Reports of lights failing on light without warning
  • When one light bulb goes out, others fail
  • Attempts to adjust the lights may blow them out

7. Lalapao 2-Pack Solar String Lights 72ft 22m 200 LED Lights

If you believe in sustainable energy sources, these solar-powered string lights are for you. Instead of relying on electricity from the grid, they use solar energy.

To charge the battery, expose the solar panel to the sun. The battery can power the lights for up to 8 hours when fully charged.

With these lights, you will save money by avoiding high energy costs. Also, you will have the authority to tell people about climate change. If anything, your actions will speak for themselves.

During the day, the battery charges automatically. As soon as the darkness sets, the lights illuminate your space. You will get a set of IP65 waterproof lights for indoor and outdoor use.

Apart from acting as decorations during special occasions, you can use these string lights for soft light in the bedroom. They provide a maximum of 8 light modes ranging from constant to various levels of blush.

Once you install these lights, you won’t have to change them manually. In fact, during the day, the battery automatically starts charging. At night, the lights come on.

Once you are done using it, you can wrap the string and store it until you need it next. The package included a 72-foot string of 200 LED lights. Since they are solar-powered, the lights are durable.


  • eco solar lights
  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Automatic on / off


  • Don’t stick to a modality
  • Reports of lights dimmed for no apparent reason
  • Controller Stop Reports Stop Working Unexpectedly


8. Kopower LED Indoor String Light with Remote and Timer

One thing about LED lights is that they can produce a warm, inviting glow. If you want to give your party or celebration oomph, these are the lights you need. With Koopower LED series LED lights, you get up to 200 bulbs in a 69-foot string.

That is long enough to cover a considerable space in your home. Whether you have a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or Christmas party, these lights work wonders.

The lights come with eight different modes through which the brightness can be adjusted to different levels.

You can dim or increase the brightness depending on the decoration you want for your occasion. All this, thanks to the remote control, provides a very convenient operation.

Using the timer, you can set the lights on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. So you won’t have to remember to turn the lights on or off. When the set time arrives, the lights will turn off or turn off as expected.

Setting the mode you want before turning on the timer is essential. Instead of connecting directly to the mains, the lights have a low-voltage adapter. Therefore, they are safer to use than other types of string lights.


  • A safe low-voltage adapter
  •  Has an on/off timer
  •  Works with a remote control


  • Not suitable for outdoors
  •  Reports of nuisance lighting modes
  •  Reports of a dimmer malfunction


9. Limontec Solar String Lights 20 Feet 30 LED Lights

With simple solar lights, you can easily dazzle and wow your home visitors during the holidays. Although it helps save the planet, you can use these lights to provide a romantic or festive atmosphere, depending on the occasion.

The good thing about these string lights is multi-color. That means that they can complement the other decorations you choose to use.

To reiterate, these are solar-powered lights. During the day, the battery will charge to accumulate enough power for use at night. A built-in sensor automatically switches the lights on at night and off as soon as sunlight appears.

With these lights, you can say goodbye to high energy bills that come in shortly after the holidays. These lights’ tones can be white, warm white, blue, or multi-color. The choice of shade is yours.

There is nothing complicated about these lights. It has an on / off button and a bi-mode. There is no need for special training to operate the lights.

The chain itself is perfect for outdoor use. It can perfectly withstand rainy weather, so removing them is unnecessary. The package includes a mounting spike, a series of LED lights, and a solar panel.


  • Cost-effective solar-powered lights
  •  Easy to operate
  •  It provides light in different shades


  • Reports of cables separating
  •  They don’t work well in stormy weather
  •  Some lights may fail after riding


10. Mpow Solar String Lights 33ft 100LED Outdoor String Lights

What’s the point in having outdoor string lights that break down easily in hot, humid weather? Mpow solar string lights are made to resist water and heat.

The chain itself is made of IP64 material, which is heat resistant and waterproof all at the same time. So, by using these lights outdoors, you don’t have to worry about the elements being washed away by the elements.

The string is 33 feet long and has a total of 100 LED lights. They provide a warm glow that can excite your lawn, front door, porch, patio, garden, or patio. You can wear them during weddings, anniversaries, and Christmas parties.

It works in 8 modes: waves, fireflies, combination, twinkle, constant, etc. This allows you to choose the light mode you want for your lights. Once you do, the lights will work in that mode until you decide to change it.

The ultra-thin copper wire is solid and very durable. You can link the chain around any shape and store it when not in use. The solar panel has been updated to give you up to 10 hours of light when the battery is fully charged. They come with an automatic on / off switch to light up at night and unplug during the day.


  • The battery can supply the lights with power for up to 10 hours
  •  The series is heat-resistant and waterproof
  •  It has eight light modes


  • The on/off button is not easy
  •  Lights tend to get darker over time
  •  Some strands may fail for no reason


11. Lalapao 2-Pack Solar String Lights

Were you looking for eco-friendly string lights for the holidays? If so, you need to buy Lalapao 2-Pack Solar String Lights. Like other solar-powered string lights, these do not require you to connect to mains electricity.

So you won’t have to worry about paying high energy bills after the holidays. When the sun rises, the solar panel begins to charge the battery. A fully charged battery will power the lights for up to 10 hours at night.

The cable is made using IP65 material, which is heat-resistant and waterproof—no worries about lights being shorted out during a storm. Inside, the lights are great for setting up a suitable bedroom for a romantic evening.

The rope measures 72 feet and is filled with 200 LED lights. With a single strand, you can cover an ample space. The lights work in up to 8 modes.

They are easy to use, given the two buttons on the switch. In any case, the lights turn on automatically in the daytime and at night during the day. You don’t have to do it yourself.


  • eco solar lights
  •  suitable for indoors and outdoors
  •  Automatic on / off


  • Don’t stick to a modality
  •  Reports of lights dimmed for no apparent reason
  •  Controller Stop Reports Stop Working Unexpectedly


12. AMIR Solar Powered String Lights

The advantage of having solar-powered string lights is that you don’t have to plug them into the electricity from your electrical grid. That’s the same case with the Amir Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights. When the sunlight is on, the solar panel charges the battery.

When the lights come on at night, they will draw their power directly from the battery. For this particular product, the battery lasts a maximum of 14 hours when fully charged. That’s longer than it takes for most other solar-powered string lights.

With a heat-resistant and heat-resistant IP65 outer shell, the laces are durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. So they can be used in the rain without worrying about possible short circuits.

You can install the lights in your garden, patio, patio, or gate. It doesn’t matter if you have a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or Christmas party. The lights can amaze and dazzle your visitors.

The lights come with only two toggle buttons, making them easy to use. You only need to turn on the lights at once. When the darkness sets, the lights turn on automatically.

They will go out as soon as the sun rises in the sky. You don’t have to be there to do all of that. Additionally, the lights are designed to provide illumination at a 360-degree angle.


  • Easy to operate
  •  Maximum illumination time up to 14 hours
  •  Weatherproof and great for the outdoors


  • No ability to remember the last light mode
  •  The more the series, the dimmer the light
  •  Reports of lights rotating too much


Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Patio String Lights

String lights are perfect for pathways, patios, gardens, gates, and other indoor and outdoor spaces. Aside from being more affordable than standard lights, string lights are also quite durable. That means you can expect to have them in use for the longest time after installation.

Given the sheer number of standard outdoor lights, it takes an eye to find the perfect one. When buying one of these products, you must be well acquainted with the length of the string, type of bulb, power source, light color, and design.

In short, buying string lights is more complex than you might think. The following are some of the questions you need to answer:

Type of String Lights

There are three main types of string lights on the market: outdoor patio lights, LED patio lights, and outdoor solar patio lights. We discuss all these types of lights in detail below:

Outdoor Patio Lights

If you are buying lights for use in your garden, patio, or path, then it is an outdoor patio light. They are designed to withstand harsh weather, including heat from the sun and rainwater.

For the cord covers, these lights feature heat-resistant and waterproof materials such as IP64 or IP65. The advantage of the waterproof material is that it will not allow water in. This will avoid any short circuits.

LED Patio Lights

LED patio lights are known to use quite a bit of energy to emit the most light. Also, they last a long time. Since they use little power, LED lights are more environmentally friendly than incandescent ones.

It is because of these advantages that LED lights are more expensive. Mostly, the price ranges from $ 10 to $ 30. They can be connected to a solar panel or a mains electricity socket.

Solar Patio Lights

Solar-powered string lights have taken the market by storm. They are designed to be used by people who care about protecting the environment. Since they do not use electricity from the grid, they usually help in saving energy bills.

For the most part, they are designed for use outdoors. They come with an automatic on/off feature, which works based on whether the sun is up or down. At night, the lights will turn on automatically only to turn off as soon as the sun rises in the morning.

String Lights Style

Outdoor lights have been around for a long time, even though they have only become more popular recently. As such, they come in three distinct styles: the traditional, string, and net lights. Below is a detailed look at each of these string light styles.

Traditional string lights

Traditional string lights are most commonly used for decorations during parties and other special occasions. Due to their association with the holidays, they are also known as Christmas lights.

The bulbs come in a circuit, which means that the cut of one light bulb affects all the others. They are cheaper than all other styles of string lights and are easily broken. That means they are not designed to be used outdoors.

Rope String Lights

This style of string lights slightly improves from the traditional ones. Unlike traditional string lights, the cut of one bulb does not affect the rest. Most of them allow you to replace the broken light so that the entire unit functions perfectly.

Many models under this category are designed for outdoor and indoor use. This is because the laces have a special outer jacket that is heat and water-resistant.

Net lights

As the name suggests, this type of light exists in nets rather than strings. Instead of a continuous chain connecting the bulbs, you will get a web. When lit, they give a starry night appearance.

How Energy-Efficient Are the Lights

In the market, you will find string lights with different bulbs. While incandescent lights are popular, they tend to be very power-hungry.

The best are the LED bulbs that come with comparatively low wattage. So, if your primary concern is how much you pay for your energy bills, buy string lights with LED bulbs.

Alternatively, you can opt for solar-powered lights that don’t require you to connect to a power source. But that doesn’t mean you compromise on the intensity of the light. You will be surprised that some LED bulbs are brighter than incandescent ones. To get the best, you just have to look carefully.


If you look in the right places, it is likely to occur with many different types of string lights. That is why you must be careful when choosing the type to buy.

The buying guide discussed here is the best way to know precisely what you are putting your money into. Also, check the reviews to see if you find something you like. In the end, your choice comes down to your needs and budget. Be sure to take all of that into consideration.

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