How to Make PDF Files Smaller in Size

How to Make PDF Files Smaller in Size

Have you ever experienced difficulty in sharing your PDF files due to their large size? If yes, then you are not alone in this case at all. Today we will discuss how to make a PDF file smaller in size to share without any hurdles.

PDF, without any doubt, is one of the best document formats that is liked and preferred by millions of people from all over the globe. The professional layout and compact size are the major features that make it the first choice for many professionals.

Similarly, the password protection feature and multisystem support are some other valuable features that make PDF the best document format for the smooth sharing of data.

These prominent features lead students, teachers, and people from the corporate sector to use this format to store data. However, the large size of PDFs is the only issue that can make it challenging for individuals to share them effortlessly.

Most individuals here have faced this problem at least once in their lives and wasted several hours to find the solution to this matter. However, most of them failed in this quest and couldn’t find any appropriate way to share their crucial information easily.

The advancement in technology has provided us with many online facilities that can help us perform our professional and educational activities. Here are plenty of facilities that can assist you in compressing the size of PDFs in a matter of seconds.

How to Make PDF Files Smaller in Size

1. PDF Compressor by

The PDF compressor by DupliChecker is an advanced facility that allows everyone to reduce PDF size without requiring a complicated process to follow.

The internet has tons of advanced PDF compressor utilities that can be useful for reducing the size of PDFs without going through any manual process.

Changing the PDF file size with this online facility saves you from the hassle of saving and installing massive-sized applications on your device.

Moreover, you don’t have to step into convoluted processes like learning special skills to compress PDF to 100kb.

By visiting, just follow the simple process that makes you compress PDFs with this online PDF compressor. Additionally, the assistance of an advanced PDF size reducer enables you to shrink portable document format files without taking help from professionals. is famous for providing highly in-demand tools to help you manage personal and professional tasks. The PDF compressor available on this site can shrink your PDF below 100 kb without damaging the file’s formatting.

The online PDF compressor tool on this platform allows you to compress PDF to 100kb with a few clicks on your device.

You only need to upload the PDF you want to shrink on this free facility. The tool will process your query, compress the file, and provide you with a compressed file in a few seconds.

2. Use Zipping Software

The assistance of zipping software can be useful when it comes to reducing the size of PDFs. This zipping software can help you compress PDF to 100kb without affecting its formatting.

You can use these tools without connecting your device to the internet. But, you need an internet connection to save the zipping application on your device. After installing them, you can easily shrink PDFs with a few taps on your device using zipping tools.


SmallSEOTools is undoubtedly a powerful site with plenty of tools. The PDF compressor on this site will assist you in compressing the PDFs with smaller sizes.

You can try this highly valuable utility to compress PDFs to 100kb. Just upload the PDF file, hit the compress PDF button, and the PDF file will be compressed without disturbing the quality.

Bottom Line

In the last analysis, the Portable Document Format is the most appreciated document format used in almost every domain of the professional sector.

Shrinking the size of PDFs makes them easy to share. The information we have jotted in this blog post would have given you an idea about the need to compress PDFs.

Moreover, the PDF tools discussed in this blog can be highly advantageous in compressing PDFs. You can choose any of these tools as per your preference and reduce PDF size without facing any complications.

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