10 Most Iconic Quotes by Female Movie Characters

10 Most Iconic Quotes by Female Movie Characters

Female characters in various films have inspired and motivated us while teaching us the true meaning of feminism. We’ve created a list of these amazing female movie characters who deliver the most iconic quotes.

Movies have an important role in our lives. They have the potential to make us laugh, cry, get furious, stir our thoughts, and motivate us for the better.

Most Iconic Female Characters Movie Quotes

Women have played significant roles in movies throughout history. Women in movies have progressed from being mere accessories to male characters to having their own stories told.

Women must view films featuring female main characters because representation matters on both a personal and societal scale.

1. Diana Prince – Wonder Woman

“Only Love Can Save This World. So I Stay, I Fight, And I Give. This Is My Mission Now. Forever.”

When Wonder Woman debuted, it was a big success. Following an infinite number of superhero films that featured women as supporting characters but never centered on them, Diana was one of the first female superheroes to appear on screen, giving this action film its badass female protagonist.

What distinguishes this Wonder Woman is that she is not just endowed with stereotypical male power. In contrast, she is distinguished by characteristics that are traditionally considered “feminine.” She is caring, gentle, and intelligent, and she feels that love is the driving force in the world.

2. Julia Roberts – Steel Magnolias

“I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

The film is a unique portrayal of friendship that is simultaneously amusing, loving, uplifting, and painful. When it first aired, the film’s tagline was something like, “the funniest movie to make you cry.”

3. Frida Kahlo – Frida

“At The End Of The Day, We Can Endure Much More Than We Think We Can.”

Frida Kahlo was a fascinating woman and an outstanding artist. The film Frida was inspired by her true-life narrative, which was as fascinating as the woman herself. There is plenty to learn about the artist, from her scandalous marriage to Diego Rivera to her lifelong struggle with chronic pain.

Despite her anguish, Frida painted to the end of her life. Though she struggled with her health and her marriage, she poured her suffering into creativity, and this quote serves as a reminder to the audience that difficult times have passed and that people have overcome them.

4. Megara – Hercules

“I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle it. Have a nice day.”

Disney films frequently feature the stereotype of a damsel in distress and a prince who neatly saves her. However, in Disney’s Hercules, Meg has it under control.

5. Anne Hathaway – Alice in Wonderland

“Alice, you cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours because when you step out to face that creature, you will step out alone.”

In contrast to other fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland illustrates a child’s actual development in life. It’s a timeless classic that’s worth watching.

6. Elle Woods – Legally Blonde

“You Must Always Have Faith In People. And Most Importantly, You Must Always Have Faith In Yourself.”

Legally Blonde is a feel-good film that fans never tire of. When Elle’s life appears to crumble when her boyfriend dumps her for not being educated enough, she goes to extraordinary lengths to prove him incorrect.

The best part about Elle’s journey is that she only succeeds in the end because she believes in herself. She believes she is intelligent enough to get into Harvard, so she does.

She believes that through hard work, she can succeed in life, and she does. That’s a profound lesson for her to learn and one that the audience may perhaps use as a reminder in their daily lives.

7. Emma Watson – Harry Potter Series

“Actually, I’m Highly Logical, Which Allows Me To Look Past Extraneous Detail And Perceive Clearly That Which Others Overlook.”

Harry Potter is a beloved childhood classic that explores themes of friendship, coming of age, redemption, and good versus evil. The majority of kids (and parents) think the characters in the film are excellent, and the story is incredibly fascinating.

8. Elizabeth Swann – Pirates of The Caribbean

“And What The Enemy Will See, Is The Flash Of Our Cannons, They Will Hear The Ringing Of Our Swords, And They Will Know What We Can Do!”

This was just an amazing performance, and seeing it is guaranteed to give everyone chills. Elizabeth rallying the pirates who have almost given up makes sense since, when faced with misfortune, women are often the ones who must find a way to move forward.

9. Scarlett Johansson – Lucy

“Learning is always a painful process.”

Scarlett Johansson portrays this character with complete ease in the film. It’s a pleasure to observe her high, and her nonstop high is simply breathtaking.

10. Astrid Leong – Crazy Rich Asians

“But I’ve Just Realized, It’s Not My Job To Make You Feel Like A Man. I Can’t Make You Something You’re Not.”

In Crazy Rich Asians, Astrid learns early on that men’s egos are quite fragile. She has to conceal her accomplishments, money, and power so that her spouse would not feel emasculated because she outperforms him.

Even though he believes she is the source of their marital difficulties, Astrid eventually understands she is being held in a cage because he cannot deal with how well she is doing in life.

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