Top 8 Most Expensive Disc Golf Discs in the World

Top 8 Most Expensive Disc Golf Discs in the World

Disc golf enthusiasts are eager not only about the thrill of the game but also about the charm of owning rare and expensive discs. Here are the stories behind the most expensive golf discs ever made. It is estimated that there have been fewer than 100 disc golf discs ever sold on eBay. Without any further ado, let’s kick in.

The Top 8 Most Expensive Disc Golf Discs Ever Sold

1. Discmania Sky God: A Charity Marvel

The most expensive disc golf disc ever sold is a custom Discmania Sky God, which sold for $2,750 at auction. Sponsored by Discmania, professional disc golfer Simon Lizotte initiated the auction to raise money for Kids Disc Golf and UPlayDG. It is a beautiful disc with a triple foil stamp and a rare dark blue/dark green color that remains untouched, adding to its rarity.

Before selling the disc and donating the profits to charity, Dismania gave it to Lizotte as a gift. In particular, the charities were Kids Disc Golf and UPlayDG. Discmania gifted it to Lizotte. It featured a triple foil stamp and a rare dark blue/dark green color that made it unique. Please see the pic below for a closer look at the disc.

The bidding quickly reached $500 before reaching $1000 before landing at $2,750, Lizotte signed the disc before it was sent to the buyer. After the listing was posted on Lizotte’s Facebook group, the bidding quickly reached $500 before reaching $1000, finally reaching $2,750.

2. Innova Halo Polecat Collector’s Edition: A Limited Gem

It boasts a straight-flying design and easy-grip DX plastic, making it an ideal choice for beginners and professionals alike. On eBay, a pair of these discs sold for $694.20. They were part of a limited edition of 100. In addition to the Rick Roll Music Player, purchasers were treated to additional delights.

3. Innova Nate Sexton Tour Series Glow Firebird: A Holy Grail

Nate Sexton’s 2015 Innova Nate Sexton Tour Series Glow Firebird is a sought-after piece among disc golf collectors. The blue version is available in several variations, but a recent sale highlighted the blue one.

4. First Run Kastaplast Berg K2: Vintage Elegance

Known as some of the oldest discs available, these Kastaplast Berg K2 discs from 2015 are very rare. They have only been thrown a few times and have held their value for $666 since May 2022.

5. Nate Sexton 2020 LVC Limited Edition: A Clear Marvel

An exceptionally clear disc with an orange Firebird stamp and a black gummy edge makes the Nate Sexton 2020 LVC Limited Edition stand out from the rest. It is renowned for its superior stability, especially in challenging wind conditions.

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6. Discraft Paul McBeth Z Zone: A Stylish Gem

With an asking price of $654.99, the Discraft Paul McBeth Z Zone disc featured a mint condition, adding to its allure. The disc featured a sparkle black and grey color scheme with the Discraft logo stamped in yellow.

7. OTB Open Signed Innova Pig: A Pro Circuit Relic

Innova Pig autographed discs passed around 14 pro players at the 2021 OTB Open remain an iconic piece of the Disc Golf Pro Tour. Never thrown, this disc retains the essence of the 2021 event.

8. Sockibomb Innova LVC Destroyer: A Powerhouse

The Sockibomb Innova LVC Destroyer is a motorbike designed for long-distance driving with its 12 mph speed rating and -1 turn rating. It is a favorite among power shooters and sidearm users for its ability to handle headwinds.


Disc golf is more than just a sport; it’s a dominion where collectibles become legends. These discs transcend the fairways and become coveted treasures for enthusiasts around the world.