Best Farming Games for Android

10 Best Farming Games and Simulators for Android

Want to know about the best farming games for Android? This is a list of the best farm simulator games on Google Play. People love to play farm games on their cell phones; they’re the best way to pass the time quickly and unwind a bit.

You can invest your money, watch it grow by planting crops, and buy animals. You can also buy vehicles, tools, and decorations to make your farm better. After that, take a look at our list of the best farm simulation games for your phone.

Best Farming Games for Android

1. Farming Simulator 20 

06FS20 Store Videos BY

[Price: Paid]

For Android users, Farming Simulator 20 is the official game in one of the most famous farm simulation series ever. You can farm the land for crops like grains and veggies in this game, which has full 3D high-definition graphics.

You make money when you sell them, and you can use that extra money to buy more land and a wide range of farm equipment and cars. In the real world, there are more than 100 machines from well-known brands. You can also take care of horses, pigs, cattle, and sheep.

Farming Simulator 20 Android Farming Game >>

2. Big Little Farmer 

little big farm

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Google Play users love to play Big Little Farmer when they’re not online. It will still be possible to play the whole game without being online, even if you choose the free model with in-app payments.

This mobile farm game is very relaxed. You can prepare the land to grow different crops, raise animals to sell their milk and eggs, and decorate your farm however you like.

Big Little Farmer >>

3. Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm - Android release trailer - April 11th

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

One of the cutest and most beautiful farm games for Android is Blocky Farm. The main difference between this game and Minecraft is that this one has more arcade-style gaming.

In addition to the usual management chores that come with farm games, you will be able to freely drive farm vehicles around the area. It also lets you care for pets and raise animals, and you can even dress them up.

Blocky Farm >>

4. FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2: Country Escape – Build your dream farm!

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

FarmVille 2 is the most like the original FarmVille game on Facebook that you can play on Android. This is one of the most played arcade casual farm games in the world. More than 50 million copies have been saved just from Google Play.

It lets you grow different kinds of food, take care of animals, make things, grow your farm, and a lot more. You can also play with friends in the online cooperative game, or you can play without an internet connection.

FarmVille 2 >>

5. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

[Price: Paid]

One of the most well-known farm game series in the world, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, is their newest game. This new game in the Harvest Moon series has all the same great gameplay features as the old ones.

You can do more than just grow crops and take care of animals. You can go to events, do what your neighbors ask, meet new people, and even get married and start a family. It’s important to remember that it hasn’t been updated since 2018, so make sure it works perfectly on your device before the refund limit.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope >>

6. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Mobile Announcement Trailer

[Price: Paid]

For Android, Stardew Valley is a farm game with RPG features that are a lot like the famous Harvest Moon. It lets you grow seasonal goods, harvest them, and sell them. It also lets you bring animals up. It’s possible to change a lot of things about your farm and your identity.

You can tour caves, take part in village festivals with other people, and even get together with 12 other potential candidates to form a family. It costs money, but there are no extra sales inside the app.

Stardew Valley >>

7. Hay Day

Hay Day: Game Trailer 2017

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

SUPERCELL made HAY DAY, a farm game. They also made hit games like Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Clash Royale. It starts with a small farm that you can grow as you make more money by gardening, raising animals, and making food.

It is possible to get access to new lands and houses. There are many more things to do in the game, and you can trade with your farm friends and neighbors through a sales system.

Hay Day >>

8. Township

Township Promo PT

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

The Township is a popular casual farm game for Android that combines city building with farming simulations. You have to mine for materials and run your whole city in this game. Food crops can also be grown and then processed in plants.

Open restaurants, movie centers, and different kinds of community buildings, and trade with faraway islands. There are even zoos where animals from all over the world can live together. There are lots of things to do in this big farm game.

Township >>

9. WeFarm

WF GP var01 softlaunch 50s 1280x720 EN

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

There is another farm game called WeFarm. It has simple graphics and lots of things to do inside the game. You can grow plants and gather food, make new friends, and travel around a huge world.

You can have more than one pet and do different tasks to get a wide range of items and grow your farm. You can even change how your little farm looks and buy different clothes for your character to make them unique.

WeFarm >>

10. Minecraft

Minecraft: Better Together Update is now live! Togetherness ACTIVATED!

[Price: Paid]

In Survival mode, Minecraft lets you do a lot of different things. Along with gathering materials and making things and shelters, one of the most important things to do is to grow food and trees, and take care of animals, and fish.

In the game, you have to become a good farmer if you want to stay alive. That’s also why Minecraft can be thought of as a farm game. The Android version lets you play with your friends at the same time, which makes this farm game experience truly special.

Minecraft >>

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