5 Best Foldable Rowing Machines in 2021

5 Best Foldable Rowing Machines

The rower is a must-have training tool so why not have one right in your home? And if you want to enjoy a rowing machine that you can easily store in your apartment, today we invite you to discover the best foldable rowing machines.

Best Foldable Rowing Machines

1. The Zhangy apartment folding Rower 

Zhangy apartment folding Rower 

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Similar to the Tunturi, ISE, and Daverose models that we present to you above, the Zhangy rower is still a fairly simple and versatile model, which will nevertheless allow you to enjoy good workouts in the comfort of your home.

Overall, we stay on a basic rower, with pedals and an adjustable strap that will suit a maximum of users, with a resistance mechanism this time at 12 levels, allowing you to adapt the maximum. the intensity of your training based on your needs and goals.

This apartment rower is also foldable and has wheels for easy storage and movement, but above all, this Zhangy model has a very good argument, it’s a very affordable price against the competition.

2. The Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 folding Rower Machine

Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 folding Rower Machine

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This Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 rowing machine presents overall a fairly simple training tool, but it is nevertheless very easy to use and very effective to suit a maximum of users.

On this machine, for your training, there are first of all large, wide, and non-slip pedals, with an adjustable strap, making it possible to adapt to all types of users and offering good user comfort.

Thanks to its resistance mechanism, you can also find 8 intensity levels, allowing you to personalize your training, whether you are a man, a woman, a beginner, or not.

With the Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 rowing machine, there is also an LCD screen, offering you information in particular, the distance you have covered, the elapsed training time, etc.

3. The ISE foldable indoor Rower

ISE foldable indoor Rower

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This ISE machine is also a very interesting model if you are looking to enjoy a good rower at home, with a model that is easy to use and which will suit both amateurs and athletes.

On the operation, we remain once again on a rather basic rower, with large pedals and an adjustable strap that will allow this device to suit all types of users.

The operation is quite similar to the model we presented to you above and this ISE rower also has a magnetic resistance mechanism, with 8 levels of settings allowing you to tailor your training to your conditions and abilities.

Finally, this ISE foldable apartment rower is an overall fairly affordable model that will also suit a large number of users and, if you opt for this model, you also benefit from a one-year warranty.

4. The Sportstech RSX500 Folding Rower 

Sportstech RSX500 Folding Rower 

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In terms of price, we are switching to a slightly more expensive rowing machine, but if you want to take advantage of a device offering you even more functions and possibilities to optimize your training, then we invite you to discover this Sportstech RSX500 model.

This is really not what is most important, but we must, first of all, say that the design of this machine is generally quite nice, and we find once again all the comfort you could need, with large pedals, adjustable straps, etc.

Technology and design level, we, therefore, benefit here from a much more high-end rower, here using a magnetic resistance mechanism but also air, giving you the choice among no less than 7 kg, on an operation again very quiet thanks to with ball bearings on the aluminum rail.

So admittedly, you will need a bigger budget to enjoy this folding apartment rower, but considering all of its features and versatility, we can only recommend it.

5. The Daverose foldable apartment Rowing Machine

Daverose foldable apartment Rowing Machine

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Back to a very simple rower that will suit all those looking to keep fit by training at home, we, therefore, invite you to also discover this Daverose model.

The overall design is again quite nice, there are pedals that will adapt to all sizes of feet, an adjustable strap, and a rower generally ideal for all users, men or women.

The operation remains fairly standard, always with a magnetic resistance mechanism offering you 8 levels of intensity, a silent slide system improving your user experience, and an LCD screen offering you information and analysis even if, in whatever concern, we find that the screen is placed a little low.

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