How to Log in With Two Accounts on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Tips and Trick: How to Log in with two Accounts on Desktop or PC

WhatsApp never ceases to amaze us with its tricks. There are a lot of tricks that are hidden in this messaging application that make our lives easier. Do you want to log in with two accounts on WhatsApp? We explain if it is possible and how you should do it. Of course, this publication is no exception, and for that reason, we will tell you how to log in with 2 accounts on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web is the alternative you have to communicate with your contacts from your computer. On other occasions, we have taught you how to use it, and now we bring you a trick that will help you talk to others from two different accounts on the same device, a computer in this case.


How to log in with two accounts on WhatsApp Web: Step by step

This trick to log in with 2 accounts on the web version of WhatsApp is quite simple and you only need your computer and a function that browsers have which is Incognito Mode, with which you can do your searches without leaving any trace.

With that said, let’s see how to log in with two accounts on WhatsApp Web :

For the first account, you only have to enter from your usual browser and log in as you normally do: scanning the QR code and thus being able to talk with your contacts.

Now, to open the second account, open incognito mode from your browser and do the same procedure, and voila! You have your two different WhatsApp accounts from the same computer.

One point to take into consideration regarding logging in with two accounts on WhatsApp Website is that, with incognito mode, your session will be immediately deleted when you close that tab, so you will have to start over if you want to communicate from that other account.



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