Weird Fashion Trends

Top 10 Weird Fashion Trends of the Modern World

Fashion is a completely unpredictable lady, more focused on self-expression than practicality. It can make it a trend to wear things that look ridiculous on the human body or bring back long-forgotten accessories from the past. Here you will gonna see the most bizarre and weird fashion items and trends from all across the globe.

1. Brilliant Tongue


The homeland of this crazy fashion trend is Australia. The makeup artist accidentally sprinkled glitter on her tongue and thought it looked pretty cool, so she covered her entire tongue with glitter and arranged a photoshoot.

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to spend a day with sparkles in your mouth. Be careful if you want to repeat – glitter can be toxic!

2. Pillow Dresses


The pillow dress trend born during the coronavirus pandemic is encouraging people to create chic dresses out of, you guessed it, pillows.

Hundreds of thousands of people undressed grabbed their thickest belts and bragged about their creations on social media.

Since the order to stay at home kept people indoors, there was little reason for us to dress during this period. 

The cushion dress trend was a playful way to admit it and also provided an opportunity to do something interesting and chat with other people.

3. Accessories for Masks

Bizarre Fashion Trends 2021

As face masks are now a necessary part of our daily wear, the fashion industry quickly developed accessories to make masks stand out and stylish.

One popular accessory is mask chains, which add a touch of sparkle or glamor to your outfit. They come in a wide variety of styles, from gold chains to strings of pearls and chunky beads.

4. Hooves


Nature gave us legs, so why disguise them as hooves? “It is necessary,” – fashion says convincingly, and women, sighing, climb into uncomfortable shoes with high heels.

In fact, the hoofed trend is not new, but the return of the old. It appeared back in 1989 but did not make much of an impression on the fashion world.

5. Colored Armpit Hair


This weird fashion trend makes the world scream “Ugh!” and “Wow!” And the main thing in it is not color, but a reminder that armpit hair is quite natural, and you should not shave it off.

However, not only people in crowded buses disagree with this, but also dermatologists. They warn that underarm skin is more delicate than the scalp, and some dyes can cause irritation.

6. Gucci Grass-Stained Jeans

Weird Fashion Trends of 2021

For only £600, you will have jeans, in which you will not be ashamed to mow your lawn in front of your house. The manufacturer claims that the creation of this masterpiece was inspired by the “grunge style”. 

The stain effect is created by a special treatment that has gone through the aged-effect cotton denim. We will answer this: you can just ride on the grass and get the same look for free!

7. Multi-colored shoes in One Pair


This trend is not new, but it looks like it came in earnest and for a long time. There is even National Two Different Colored Shoes Day, which is dedicated to the recognition of the uniqueness and diversity of humanity and is celebrated on May 3, starting in 2009.

A purple left boot will not work well with a fluorescent pink right. Stylists recommend wearing such shoes with plain clothes so that the bright variety of colors stands out better against a monochrome background.

8. Sweater “No Chest”

Weird Fashion Trends

Spain-based fashion house Zara has made headlines for its warm clothing, which fashion lovers find both stylish and quirky.

The fast-fashion brand offers a knitted sweater with a high collar and long sleeves, open to the chest, at $29.90 which is one of the weirdest fashion items.

9. Ripped Stockings

Weird Fashion Trends

Another quirky fashion trend is the frayed stockings from Gucci. Is it worth paying $190 for this?

10. Necklace-telephone wire

Weird Fashion Trends

For just $ 2,000 (150,000 rubles), you can decorate your neck with a stylish rubber necklace that exactly copies a regular telephone cord.

This jewelry was created by the Italian brand Bottega Veneta. In addition to the necklace, there are earrings made of the same material, their cost is $800, and a bracelet for $940.

And if you don’t have that kind of money, it doesn’t matter. You can always buy a wired telephone, remove the cord from it, and make yourself fashionable accessories, from which any Ellochka Cannibal will say an envious “Kr-r-Sarasota!”

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