Top Multiplayer Games for Android with Voice Chat

Top 10 Multiplayer Games for Android with Voice Chat

Looking for the top multiplayer Android games with voice chat? Then check out our list of the best multiplayer mobile games with voice chat so you can chat with your friends while playing.

Undeniably, the chat is the best option to pass, in real-time, the game strategies to your team in the matches. That’s because text chat interrupts the action as you type.

So, whether you want to pass on game strategies during the frenetic action or just have fun with friends, online chat is the best option. Check out!

Best Multiplayer Android Games with Voice Chat

1. Free Fire 

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Free Fire is one of the biggest multiplayer Battle Royale shooters on mobile today. With so many people playing, to win, you must have good real-time strategic communication with your team.

Free Fire has a built-in voice chat feature where you can communicate with the 3 members of your team. Passing the “call” of the positions of your enemies in real-time and also launching the best strategies to “rush” at the right time on your opponents.

Free Fire >>

2. Call of Duty Mobile 

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Google Play [LATAM]

Call of Duty Mobile is the Android version of the acclaimed FPS shooter series of the same name. Among the various online multiplayer game modes, the flagship remains the Battle Royale for up to 100 players in the same game. 

With the ability to play in squads with up to 4 members, voice chat is the best option when compared to slow text-typing chat. So, whether you want to make fun of your friends or pass the best “calls” during matches, COD Mobile is ready!

Call of Duty Mobile >>

3. Fortnite 


Fortnite is another fun Battle Royale shooter for Android phones. With gameplay and graphics identical to their console and PC versions, when playing as a team, you can chat with your friends. Yes, this game also has native voice chat support. 

Although it is possible to listen in, it is not yet supported to talk to your colleagues through the Bluetooth headset. Whether you want to have fun with your friends or launch professional ranked strategies via voice chat, Fortnite is ready.

Fortnite >>

4. LifeAfter 

LifeAfter Season 3 - Google Play Video

LifeAfter is a multiplayer post-apocalyptic survival adventure game for Android phones. In this game, your mission is to survive in a world ravaged by a virus, full of infected zombies.

It has a gigantic explorable open world that you can modify by building a home and remodeling it. The game offers voice chat for you to communicate with other participants while exploring.

LifeAfter >>

5. Car Parking Multiplayer 

Car Parking Multiplier

Car Parking Multiplayer is an open-world multiplayer car simulation game for Android. Here you can do the most different tasks, exploring the map freely, and modifying your favorite car.

It is possible to refuel at stations and compete against other real players in multiplayer. There are more than 100 cars with accurate graphics and detailed interiors. The game also has voice chat for you to chat with other players.

Car Parking Multiplayer >>

6. Super Mecha Champions 

Super Mecha Champions_ENGLISH_0318

Super Mecha Champions is a Battle Royale with anime-style graphics filled with giant robots. The game supports up to 100 players per game, who will be controlling powerful Mecha.

Each Mecha has the most different types of weapons, such as plasma cannons, homing missiles, sniper rifles, flame throwers, and much more. The game also supports voice chat communication.

Super Mecha Champions >>

7. Tacticool – Shooter 5v5 

Tacticool - Intense 5v5 Shooter (BR)

Tacticool Shooter 5v5 is a top-down online multiplayer third-person shooter for Android. In this game, you will be a combatant who is part of a squad whose mission is to score as much as possible within the time limit.

The game features more than 20 operator classes with unique characteristics and several weapons to choose from. It also offers voice chat, but this will only be unlocked when advancing the game.

Tacticool – Shooter 5v5 >>

8. Tom and Jerry: Chase 

Tom and Jerry: Chase Gameplay EN

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a fun 1v4 multiplayer casual game for Android phones. It officially features characters from the classic Tom & Jerry cartoon, including those that appear throughout the series. In it, you can play as mouse or cat, continuing the endless saga of cat and mouse chase. 

Voice chat is an indispensable resource for defining the best strategies to get away from the cat with your friends. The game features classic design graphics and a nostalgic soundtrack.

Tom and Jerry: Chase >>

9. Astracraft 


Astracraft is a robot-based, futuristic multiplayer shooter for Android. In it, you will be able to build your deadly combat machine from scratch. In addition to the 5v5 multiplayer mode, the game features several other game modes. 

The game’s native voice chat can be used both to chat with your peers and your enemies. The graphic quality of this mobile game is impressive. The controls are very well implemented and easy to learn.

Astracraft >>

10. Omega Legends 

Omega Legends

Omega Legends is a futuristic Battle Royale shooter released for Android phones. This game supports up to 100 players per game, with only the last survivor alive winning. As a differential from other survival games, this one brings Heroes with unique combat skills.

This adds more strategic elements to the game, allowing you to choose your favorite playing style. The in-game voice chat also elevates the game’s team strategy factor.

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